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    Vision and Philosophy

    In our global, networked and fast-changing business world we need durable and straightforward high-performance tools to push into the background the complexity of business processes, and bring to the fore the uncluttered communication of human and technical process participants.
    At BPM-X we are profoundly convinced that Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Service Oriented Architecture paradigms as well as Cloud Computing concepts have the absolute need for unmatched genuine BPM-X integration software. Our work continues to extend BPM-X integration middleware into a neutral, vendor independent model repository and registry that successfully merges all leading standards and specific vendor tools.

    Our vision is

    • Integrating all leading enterprise management tools in the market out-of-the-box
    • Supporting upcoming official standards as well as robust industry standards
    • Growing as an even more globally engaged company

    Our mission is

    • Offer global industries and large organizations a unique solution to enable seamless tool integration
    • Eliminate methodological  and technological barriers
    • Increase user productivity with reduced TCO and increased ROI

    Our objectives are

    • Extend our leading position in model transformations
    • Engage in global business with diversified revenue streams
    • Have a highly profitable performance

    The value using the BPM-X product suite will ensure our continuous company success  profit.


    A clearly-defined BPM-X company philosophy governs our daily labor, and serves as an acting guideline for all employees in their cooperation with each other as well as in our customer contacts.

    … are a software solutions manufacturer and service provider:
    We work for our partners and customers, in accordance with their requirements and views. Our primary goal is the customers’ and our partners' success.

    ... convince by quality:
    We deliver scalable software solutions and products which excel in consistency, high protection of investments and optimal customer benefit.

    ... complete out our projects in time and in budget:
    We ship for the appointed date and for the contractual price.

    ... practice fair personnel management:
    We conduct staff dialogs, encourage team building in our enterprise, and invest in the professional future of our staff.

    ... show initiative:
    We promote the individual educational development of our staff members, for the mutual benefit of the employer and employee and on behalf of optimal customer support.

    ... make profit:
    Because economic success is the basis for healthy company growth, the creation of additional jobs, and a prerequisite for a continuous market presence and for the satisfaction of our customers and employees.

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    Company locations

    Fritz-Wunderlich-Straße 49
    66869 Kusel - Germany
    664 11th Ave S
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701 - USA

    Contact us

    Intl. / US: +1 (813) 642-7865
    Germany: +49 (6381) 916-0

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