With the selection of a BPM-X product, you not only acquire a BPM software or suite but also support to help with project realization, ongoing product maintenance and support, and perhaps most vitally application training. Using MS Visio as BPM-X’s foundation many of your team will immediately feel right at home using this familiar interface. With our practice-oriented training courses and workshops, we help you to optimally utilize these now full bodied capabilities and to achieve a maximum benefit. Training is the key that unlocks the efficiency door.

Moreover, we offer you training concepts particularly aligned to your needs which our professionals design in collaboration with you according to your individual requirements and desires. Transparency is all the talk these days.  If you want to be completely open or less so, or as often happens you want to publish to a certain level of detail one day or another level for another purpose another day, control is in your hands.

Whatever your need, our on-site training courses, support your business goals with planning, provision of training course documents, and assignment of experienced professionals whose  instruction comes richly fortified with hard won lessons from the use and development of the many BPM tools of which we have intimate and often partner knowledge. This is the way, BPM-X ensures that you effectively acquire well rounded know-how in all relevant topics and ranges of application.

For the specialized topics of personnel management such as payroll accounting, personnel, position or cost management, we have assembled a constellation of competence; a network of experts from our worldwide training and consulting partners. Their experience and broad view expertise will enhance your enterprise beyond the expectations of simply adding a “new software”.   Business outcomes and potentials will be seen in a newer sharper, more clearly focused actionable way.

Because our products constantly need to develop and because we regularly provide you with new functions as a consequence of the continually accumulating legal and technical requirements around us, we will also efficiently and continuously train you. In this context, new topics and techniques will be conveyed as well as the simplification of working processes and best practices for using your software.

  • Firsthand training by the software manufacturer
  • Standard training courses for all products
  • On-site training courses in your enterprise or organization
  • Development and performance of individual training concepts with workshops
  • Virtual web based trainings

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