Reporting Services for SAP Projects

With Reporting Services for SAP® projects, TransWare offers a Business Intelligence (BI) solution for reporting and analysis of SAP Solution Manager project and Business Process Repository (BPR) data. This solution is built upon Microsoft Reporting Services included in the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition as part of the Microsoft BI Solution.

Value Proposition

Our middleware is used to load SAP® project and BPR data from SAP Solution Manager into an SQL database. While SAP® Solution Manager offers hard-coded ABAB reports with fixed parameters  the TransWare Reporting Services for SAP Projects® uses report templates with predefined data queries and sophisticated report layouts which moreover can be flexibly modified for specific project management requirements.

SAP Project Report Authorization Matrix

SAP Project Report - Blueprint Authorization Matrx

With the TransWare solution, Business Blueprint processes and transaction data can be analyzed and project progress can be monitored. Reporting Services is a flexible tool for visual report design and report publishing for SAP project members like

  • project managers
  • business analysts
  • SAP consultants
  • system integrators

Using BI and Business Warehouse (BW) reporting technology allows permanent transparency of project status and progress, supplying team members with up-to-date and just-in-time project information. As a result, project risks and costs can be lowered significantly.

Report deliverables are generated on the server side using HTML, PDF, XML or Office output formats that can be processed further in Microsoft Excel® or Word®.

SAP Project Blueprint Report Excel

SAP Project Blueprint Report with Export to Excel

Because of the BI-based nature of the TransWare solution, data from a large variety of enterprise applications and business domains can be included in the Reporting Services.

Project member user interface

The user interface for end users is built upon easy-to-use web technology using Internet Explorer with predefined report templates which are parameterized for maximum flexibility. Report templates are predefined query masks helping to easily exploit data without caring about how the data are structured and how it can be accessed for analysis.

Report Services Administration

Report template developers use Microsoft Visual Studio with a report plug-in for creation and visual maintenance. Report templates are deployed in a centralized folder structure where users with appropriate access rights can immediately execute the reports. Rights management is done using Active Directory or with explicitly granted user rights.

Benefits and Profit

The benefits using the TransWare solution Reporting Services for SAP Projects are

  • easy-to-use interface for project team members
  • reduced costs for deployment, distribution and utilization
  • no separate costs for end user licenses
  • BI environment that comes with the SQL Standard Edition at no extra cost
  • lower costs for report development than usually needed for common report development with ABAP, Java Script or Basic programming languages
  • reduced costs for report template maintenance and modifications
  • no training efforts for end users and less training efforts for report developers
  • BI-/BW-based solution allows for reporting on arbitrary combinations of SAP project data, enterprise modeling and operational data
  • flexible and easy rights management
  • no deployment on end user workstations
  • quick access to up-to-date SAP project data

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