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    Reporting Services for Profiling of SAP

    TransWare offers a Business Intelligence (BI) solution for reporting and analyzing SAP ERP key indicators such as process utilization or degree of system customizing. This solution is built upon Microsoft Reporting Services included in the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition as part of the Microsoft BI solution.

    Value Proposition

    The Profiling for SAP solution is used to extract and load transaction definition and usage, documents, HR info types, authorization, customizing and organizational data from SAP systems like R/3, ECC, CRM, SCM and other products into a database for reporting.

    SAP Profiling Report Ta Version

    SAP Profiling Web Based Report with Text and Chart

    Unlike other offerings in the market, Reporting Services for Profiling of SAP features

    • BI and web-based technology
    • flexible configuration
    • data consolidation from many SAP systems
    • independence from a specific SAP ERP product
    • SaaS or on-premise variants
    • It’s a product!

    Within this web-based solution, BI and Business Warehouse (BW) technologies simplify reporting and lower the costs for data analytics on the enterprise level. Report deliverables are generated on the server side using HTML, PDF, XML or Office output formats to be used further in Microsoft Excel® or Word®. Alternatively, business users can directly access the reports online using Internet Explorer without any workstation deployment being needed.

    Organizations can distribute analytic reports to business users with no extra costs for end user licenses.

    End User Interface

    The user interface for end users is built upon easy to use web technology using Internet Explorer and predefined report templates. They are parameterized for maximum flexibility. Report templates are predefined query masks. Thus, the user does not need to know about how the data must be structured and analyzed.

    SAP Profiling Report Ta Modul

    Web based user interface with zero-deplyment on user workplace includes MS Office Export

    Report Administration

    Report template developers use Microsoft Visual Studio with a report plug-in to create and visually maintain them. Report templates are deployed in a centralized folder structure. This way, users with appropriate access rights can immediately execute the reports. Rights management is done using Active Directory or with explicitly granted user rights.

    Benefits and Profit

    The benefits in using Reporting Services for SAP Profiling are

    • easy to use interface for end users
    • reduced costs for deployment, distribution and employment
    • no costs for end user licenses
    • BI environment that comes with the SQL Standard Edition with no extra cost
    • lower costs for report development than usually needed for common report development with ABAP, Java Script or Basic programming languages
    • reduced costs for report template maintenance and modifications
    • no training efforts for end users and less training efforts for report developers
    • BI- / BW-based solution allows for reporting on arbitrary combinations of SAP project data, enterprise modeling and operational data
    • flexible and easy rights management
    • no deployment on end user workstations

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