Reengineering, Blueprinting and Monitoring for SAP®

As an SAP® Services Partner, TransWare offers a set of qualified services and products for streamlining and optimizing SAP® solutions that

  • protect your investment and decrease SAP® project risks
  • analyze SAP business processes to keep documentation up-to-date
  • make full and best use of the SAP® Solution Manager
  • lower support and maintenance efforts via SAP® solution management
  • prepare and accelerate SAP® upgrades and enhancements
  • build the foundation of SAP® projects
  • monitor critical business processes for continuous business improvement
  • enhance end-user efficiency using SAP by proactively addressing training issues
TransWare SAP Solution Manager Reengineering BPM BAM Profiling Modeling

Picture: Building blocks of the TransWare solution offering

This offering has three building blocks based on services, consulting and tools in order to
  • understand
  • optimize
  • control

business. Each building block can be used separately or in combination for an added value of delivered performances.

Reengineering and Redocumentation of SAP® Solutions

It is certainly true for most SAP® client solutions that they are undocumented or have an outdated documentation, because over the years system integrators or the internal SAP® staff change. SAP® implementation is carried out without appropriate methodologies like change management or business process management.

As a result, SAP® systems are heavily customized, inflexible and expensive in maintenance expenses. In addition, it is unclear for deciders which parts of which SAP® products are actually used by business users and to which extent business processes are really supported by IT operations.

Due to the costs and risks in optimizing SAP® applications,the control of the IT support of business processes is a demanding task.

Our reengineering and redocumentation solution Profiling for SAP® offers help for SAP® clients to understand their system landscape in all details of the technical and business perspective in order to find the right decisions for

  • SAP® upgrades
  • system consolidations or splits
  • application management services (AMS)
  • business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • the implementation of a new SAP® solution
  • the deployment of ERP enhancements
  • an international rollout of new SAP® templates
  • compliance issues like Segregation of Duties (SoD)

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This offering is available as an on-premise product, SaaS offering or service only. Its deliverables are used in SAP® Solution Manager projects to create a repository of business processes. Hence, it provides input for the Blueprinting phase of SAP® projects.

Blueprinting of SAP® Solutions

Since SAP® R/3, the configuration and customizing of SAP® ERP is carried out via a functional requirements analysis. In the blueprinting of a new SAP® solution, many documents are created to capture business requirements mostly with Office products like Microsoft Word® or Visio®. Because of the highly segregated nature of the business and tasks, implementation requirements are typically described only functionally, without considering the full scope of end-to-end process flows, relationships and interfaces between business participants. This results in inefficiently configured SAP® processes and inefficient useage of available SAP® functionality. In total, this adds up to higher process execution costs and more expensive ERP support & maintenance due to an excessively customized SAP®.

Business Process Management (BPM) concepts are the key factor for escaping from this dilemma of ERP business support versus process costs. BPM methodology allows for the governance of complex business requirements in large organizations.

BPM is a substantial part of the Accelerated SAP® (ASAP) methodology for blueprinting SAP® solutions with the SAP® Solution Manager (SSM) toolbox. SSM offers best practice like roadmap, project accelerators (templates, guidelines), reference business processes from core ERP and SAP® Industry Solutions as well as a variety of SAP® project management tools.

The project team needs to deal with both the business and the IT perspective of a solution, whereas SSM covers mainly the IT view while the business aspect is handled using specialized BPM tools.

There are highly sophisticated BPM software tools in the global market which support process mapping and the capturing of business requirements for SAP®. The goal of business process optimization with SAP® support is achieved by business process analysis (BPA), process bottleneck detection and process optimization concepts. All tools improve the horizontal and vertical communication between business participants, stakeholders, BPM and SAP® consultants, system integrators and other IT team members.

SSM and BPM tools must be tied together by a specific project and process management methodology. At this point, TransWare consulting services provide SAP® clients with the knowledge and needed performances to align the business with the IT.

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TransWare offers a set of method and consulting services for mastering the challenge of SAP® project governance and managing the Blueprinting of SAP® Solutions. Blueprinting deliverables can be further employed as an input for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Business Activity Monitoring

Once the SAP® landscape has been understood and business processes have been optimized, business executives can evaluate the process maturity by KPI monitoring. Process transparency is improved and business decisions are accelerated. The achieved performance statements can be visualized by dashboards which offer drill-down functionality for detailed process KPI analysis.

SAP® Solution Manager (SSM) includes tools and functions for implementing different levels of technical, software and business process monitoring for SAP® and non-SAP® systems. The SSM can be configured to process and forward monitoring results to the 2nd level support, the Program and Application Management and process stakeholders over various communication channels like

  • SMS and email notifications
  • service messages in Service Desk
  • controlling dashboards in the SAP® Work Centers
  • SLA Reporting

Additionally, the monitoring data can be transferred to a business intelligence (BI) system like the SAP® BW for extended KPI data analyses.

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TransWare offers all services needed in the establishment of BAM for SAP® and non-SAP® systems. This service is based on the SAP® Solution Manager monitoring tool and the presentation of monitoring deliverables e.g. in SAP® BW or SAP® Business Objects XCelsius®.

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