Profiling for SAP® Solution

TransWare’s solution for SAP® compliance & performance assessment, process analysis and optimization on any SAP® system or SAP® Industry Solution will lead to cost reduction, highlighting of process risks in a system review and minimized project time.

The product is a software and service solution based on latest SAP® technology standards like SAP® Solution Manager and SAP® methodologies like ASAP and Run SAP. It can be used as an on-premise product, a SaaS offering or as a service only.

Our solution is dedicated to the complex world of SAP® systems and solutions. Profiling for SAP® is the tool for SAP® customers to analyze their operational SAP® environment. The solution reveals the quality of the implementation by analyzing transaction logs, document types, authorizations with roles and profiles, SAP® HR info types, SAP® customizing, User-Exists and object modifications and other configuration items. It shows the overall picture of customizing and utilization of the current SAP® system with business related KPIs. Our BI approach offers web access for reporting and email subscription of the deliverables. Organization-specific business process maps based on SAP® reference processes are created for blueprinting with your favorite BPM toolset and the SAP® Solution Manager.

Business Cases

Organizations require this solution for different business cases and at different stages of their SAP® application lifecycle:

  • Upgrade SAP® legacy systems to SAP® ECC
  • SAP® landscape consolidation
  • Separation and unbundling of SAP® systems
  • ERP process optimization
  • Compliance management and audit control
  • Company mergers & acquisition
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you suspect that you are not running your implementation on its full capacity, or your help desk is overrunning with issues, Profiling for SAP® allows you to cut through the confusion and get to the underlying facts:

  • Which organizations are actively using ERP applications and what are they doing?
  • Where should I focus my training efforts to optimize the SAP® support of processes?
  • Is the current amount of customized reports still needed, and do they need to be maintained?
  • Do we really have to upgrade all customized transactions and reports from R/3 to the latest SAP® ERP?
  • Do I have a segregation of duties (SoD) issue?
  • Can I optimize the efficiency of ERP usage?

Solution Offerings

The solution is available as a deployable software solution, as a deployment-free SaaS solution as well as a service only. It is fully compliant with ASAP and Run SAP methodologies and SAP® NetWeaver technologies.

Profiling for SAP® utilizes the standard SAP® Solution Manager tool to analyze SAP® satellite systems. As an option, it can be deployed without SAP® Solution Manager directly on the operational SAP® system.

TransWare SAP Solution Manager Profiling Overview RBE BPM BAM
Picture: Profiling Overview Landscape and Solution

Value Proposition

Profiling for SAP® is delivered with ready-to-run report templates, and can be tailored to the scope of the actual business case. Value is delivered in various aspects:

  • Identification of customizations, complexity, risks and costs which can be eliminated from SAP® upgrades
  • Optimization of authorizations
  • Display of master data usage in business processes for optimizations
  • Generation of SAP® Blueprints involving your favorite BPM tool
  • Harmonization and consolidation of SAP® instances across your organization
  • Optimization of SAP® standardization.

Understand Your Current SAP® ERP Environment

Profiling for SAP® delivers ERP key indicators like utilization and standardization of SAP®.

Profiling Example Web and Office Reports X
Picture: Profiling Example Web and Office Reports

Business process maps are automatically generated, showing which parts of SAP® are used by the business in which time intervalls, and showing the degree of their customization.

During the design and blueprinting of new “to-be” processes you can use the deliverables for an impact analysis. It allows you to focus on areas where potential cost savings and improved efficiency can be achieved. Additionally, business related questions will be answered, e.g. how many sales orders have been processed by specific SD sales organizations, or which plant utilizes customized SAP® processes in MM to which degree.

Compliance and Governance for SAP® ERP

Complex ERP systems are potentially susceptible to segregation of duties (SoD) issues. By means of Profiling for SAP®, the desired responsibilities of SAP® users can be counterchecked against the real usage of SAP®. Reporting of the results can be done per job role, so you know what each role entails in terms of process activities, SAP® business blueprint process steps, SAP® roles and transactions.

ERP Optimization

Over the years, existing SAP® standards may have been supplemented with customizing because the needs of the business have changed since the implementation went live. With functional ERP upgrades or enhancements, most organizations wish to adhere to SAP® standard processes as much as possible and still keep their processes as individual as needed. Profiling for SAP® delivers the basis for cost efficiency and business effective decisions.

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