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    Services Offerings for Performance, Process and Compliance Management

    The reengineering, analysis and re-documentation of SAP® systems with the Profiling for SAP® software can be offered as a service package or as a custom-made project based on an individual requirements specification. Either way, the professional procedure comprises the following working packages.

    Objectives definition

    The customer’s needs and requirements for specific SAP® system reengineering and re-documentation are captured and defined in an initial workshop. Depending on the given business case and analysis scope like system consolidation or ERP harmonization, the customer is provided a standard service package or an individual project.

    Data capturing

    TransWare’s professional service team supports the customer’s SAP Basis with setting up the remote connectivity needed for Software as a Service (SaaS).  In the alternative case of an on-premise offering, the SAP Basis is guided through the deployment of the Profiling for SAP® software components in their IT landscape. In accordance with the pre-defined objectives, specific data is now captured from the SAP® systems.

    Analysis project

    Using the captured data, analysis reports are created based on report templates. Additional reports for specific, requested analyses can be individually designed to match the objectives.

    Assessment workshops

    Together with the customer’s team, an assessment workshop for quality assurance of deliverables is carried out. In case of the re-documentation of process structures, deliverables are refined in workshops for further use in an SAP® Business Blueprint project.

    Presentation of deliverables

    Depending on the objectives, the deliverables are e.g. HTML or Microsoft Excel® formatted reports, a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation, a SAP Solution Manager Business Blueprint, or models in a BPM tool specific format.

    Costs and delivery time for this service offering are determined by the

    • number of SAP® clients or SAP® systems
    • scale of deliverables like configuration documentation, blueprint projects or BPM models
    • degree of solution customizing and deviation from SAP® reference processes

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