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    Functional and Configuration Analysis with Profiling for SAP®

    SAP® systems like SAP® R/3 or ECC are operated for a long time, with a typical production lifecycle of 5 to 8 years. Because of an initial absence of the SAP Solution Manager tool for documentation support and because of turnover in the system integrator and support staff, systems in the majority of cases have an outdated blueprint and configuration documentation. It usually does not reflect the current system configuration state e.g. regarding authorizations and customized objects like transactions or reports (Y, Z and customer namespace developments, SAP® code modifications, customer exits, BAdIs and the like).

    Functional Configuration Analysis X
    Web Reporting for ERP Key Indicator Analysis


    A typical aging production system is a black box that makes it hard to predict what happens when some of many configuration “knobs” are turned. This increases maintenance costs because of the high efforts to support customized functions, and it lowers the productivity due to unused newly available SAP® enhancements. In a functional upgrade of such non-transparent and complex SAP® systems, it is practically impossible for IT managers and SAP® consultants to accurately estimate the project efforts. As a result, many projects run out of time and budget.

    The functional analysis with Profiling for SAP® software solution addresses this challenge by delivering ERP key indicators like the degree of standardization or utilization.

    Value proposition

    Profiling for SAP® needs no code deployment on the productive SAP® systems. Only a standard secured RFC network access is used to extract the configuration data from the production system or the entire SAP® landscape to be analyzed when the Profiling for SAP® SaaS software solution is employed.

    SAP Profiling Report Customizing

    SAP System with Landscape of Modules and deployed Customer Modifications

    The configuration analysis includes

    • authorization configuration with role and profile hierarchy and authorization objects
    • transaction and report definitions in the Y, Z and /customer/ namespaces
    • SAP® modifications, customer exits, BAdis, and other enhancements
    • report, transaction or RFC function call usage
    • document types
    • HR Infotypes including e.g. organizational units, jobs, users
    • module specific, system organizational objects from FI/CO, MM, IS, SD and others
    • any other configuration or data object type
    TransWare SAP Solution Manager Configuration Analysis Report
    Example Report Created by the Profiling Reporting Services

    With Profiling for SAP®, systems can be analyzed from a functional perspective, e.g. to

    • identify relationships between SAP® configuration, usage and business organization structure
    • highlight which transactions or reports are actually used in an organization
    • show relationships of SAP® modules and components for used transactions and reports
    • find out which RFC functions are used by e.g. external applications like web portals
    • reengineer used master data and system organizational objects by analyzing transaction usage
    • optimize authorization profiles for compliance issues

    Deliverables created from Profiling Reporting Services are web based charts and reports, office documents like Excel® or PDF, or SAP Solution Manager Blueprint project repositories.

    Benefits of this software solution are

    • a non-invasive procedure, with zero deployment on the SAP® production systems
    • elimination of customized objects no longer needed, like reports or transactions
    • improvement of productivity by replacing outdated transactions with new ones
    • lowered future maintenance costs by substitution of custom with SAP standard objects
    • reduction of upgrade risks for actually used objects by detection of standard code modifications

    Further aspects of reengineering, analysis and redocumentation of SAP® are

    offered by Profiling for SAP®.

    The software solution can be used as an on-premise product installed in the client’s SAP® landscape, as a SaaS offering or as a service only.


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