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    Compliance Monitoring with Profiling for SAP®

    SAP® ERP applications are designed to support complex business processes in large organizations. One task involved in application maintenance that can become quite difficult and time- consuming is user authorizations management: business users move between departments, roles are modified or extended because of changes based on organizational or business process optimizations, or new SAP® enhancements need to be included in user authorization profiles.

    Here Compliance Monitoring with Profiling for SAP® helps audit controllers and compliance managers to supervise planned and realized authorization changes. The software solution is based on Compliance, Audit and Authorization Management with Profiling for SAP® and establishes the periodical fully automated analysis of access rights and transaction usage.

    TransWare SAP Solution Manager Compliance Monitor Overview
    Picture: Solution Landscape for Compliance Monitoring with Profiling for SAP®

    Value proposition

    This automation solution extracts SAP® authorizations and the usage of transactions, reports or RFC calls. A job called Profiling data collector runs periodically on a  SAP® Solution Manager or any SAP® NetWeaver application server, Profiling Reporting Services are used for data analytics.

    • automatically capture SAP® data and forward it to reporting services
    • non-invasive solution with no code deployment on SAP® production systems
    • monitor multiple SAP® systems simultaneously
    • zero deployment on the desktops of subscribers
    • web portal technology with HTML and office reports
    • pushed email notifications to auditors and supervisors

    Examples of Reports

    There is a set of predefined report templates that can be customized for specific requirements.

    Example Web Report: Authorization Objects and Usage
    Picture: Example Web Report: Authorization Objects and Usage
    TransWare SAP Solution Manager Compliance Monitor Report
    Picture: Example Web Report: Application Class (SAP Modules), Transactions and Authorization Objects

    This solution is available as on-premise software or as a SaaS offering. It can be tailored to the specific needs of an organization’s individual information and work flows.

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