Compliance, Audit and Authorization Management with Profiling for SAP®

SAP® ERP applications are designed to support complex business processes in large organizations. One task involved in application maintenance that can become quite difficult and time consuming is user authorizations management: business users move between departments, roles are modified or extended because of changes based on organizational or business process optimizations, or new SAP® enhancements need to be included in user authorization profiles.

TransWare SAP Solution Manager Compliance Audit Authorization Management
Compliance and Audit Management for SAP® Applications

Common business cases that require an analysis of rights and security structures in SAP® ERP are e.g.

  • governance of company policies and compliance rules
  • analysis and supervision of Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • access control management for internal audits
  • continuous access management
  • evaluation of severity of financial transactions

Compliance, audit and authorization management are one subject of TransWare’s Profiling for SAP® software solution for the reengineering, re-documentation and analysis of SAP® ERP.

Typical use cases for this solution are

  • harmonization, clean-up and consolidation of the SAP® authorization configuration
  • identification of critical roles and conflicts in terms of overlapping, unneeded or unused access rights
  • SoD supervision in the authorization setup phase of SAP® projects
  • authorization analysis ahead of SAP® system upgrade, merge or split projects
  • support for SAP® GRC solution implementation
  • Compliance Monitoring and ongoing access control with full automation

Value proposition

The solution objective is to cut back user access rights to achieve an effective, balanced, maintainable and audit-proof SAP® authorization configuration. With the Profiling Reporting Services for SAP®, audit reports can be structured along dimensions like SAP® system, SAP® clients or organizational hierarchy. The product uses standard web and office technologies that can be customized for individual requirements. Learn more about Profiling Reporting Services for SAP®

TransWare SAP Solution Manager Compliance Audit Authorization Report
Example Report for SAP Modules, Transactions and Right Objects Usage

Profiling for SAP® is a cost- efficient software solution which supports the implementation of SAP® GRC by means of readily available and easy-to-deploy report templates.

Profiling or SAP® speeds up access to and provides objectivity of information. It also warrants the reproducibility of information as compared with manual audits. The software solution can be used as an on-premise product installed in the client’s SAP® landscape, as a SaaS offering or as a service only.


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