You have successfully finished your project using BPM-X products and services. The system and application are now productive. Your next goal is to efficiently use as well as refine the solution, in order to maximally profit from the software within your enterprise. Our ambition is to support you actively.

Do you need to convert existing model data or diagrams from some BPM-specific source format or tool into a different destination format?
Have you been looking for a cost-efficient alternative to the traditionally time consuming and error prone re-modeling for your new EA or BPM tool?
Would you like to seamlessly:  Convert from one version of a tool to another? Replace a tool? Reuse some existing process documentation for a project? Or just convert your EPC diagrams to BPMN?

With the selection of a BPM-X product, you not only acquire a BPM software or suite but also support to help with project realization, ongoing product maintenance and support, and perhaps most vitally application training. Using MS Visio as BPM-X’s foundation many of your team will immediately feel right at home using this familiar interface. With our practice-oriented training courses and workshops, we help you to optimally utilize these now full bodied capabilities and to achieve a maximum benefit. Training is the key that unlocks the efficiency door.

From conception and implementation, through development and integration of enterprise integration applications our "Professional Services" team’s composition here at BPM-X are composed is a broad palette of competent experts with extensive technical know-how

The objective of our consulting activities is to ensure the success of today’s flexible IT solutions and harvest latent gains by careful analyses of the starting situation as well as by methodical planning.

The implementation of business standard software like a HR management system is frequently accompanied by legal or business expectations which often cannot be fulfilled. An essential reason for this are the all too common and unfortunate ways of preparing for and introducing new software. Absolute requirements for the successful introduction of standard software are Project Management, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies, which are executed beforehand and concomitantly. A smooth meshing between the requirements and the software introduction is the key to success.

In this context, the procedure for business process optimizations are separated into the four phases:

  • High level analysis of the as-is processes, including: the definition of the priorities and responsibilities.
  • Diagnosis and fine analysis, including segmental review and objectives definition of the processes.
  • Redesign of the processes, detailed draft of the target processes and implementation of the software workflows.
  • Transitional phase on the target processes, with the introduction of the standard software.

Incrementally and methodologically derived to positively impact operations; a continuous change management is painlessly introduced that controls all phases of the BPM process as well as the introduction of the software. Our work is assisted by professional, web-based project platforms. Access to all change requests within the overall process and documents accompanying the project are centrally provided to the project participants on safe servers.

Consequently, BPM is a method to increase the effectiveness within an organization by reorganizing the business processes, resulting in efficient and slim administrative structures. Within this, the tasks are not simply distributed between departments or employees, but viewed as processes. In personnel management, personnel processes are transparently structured and process responsibilities are clearly defined.

Besides, a revision to the customer's perception takes place. The service character of an organization is increasingly moved into the center.
Our consulting activities cover the following components:

  • Requirements and feasibility studies
  • Introduction strategies
  • Risk analyses
  • Business process and requirements analysis
  • Developing aligned and tailored business architectures
  • Process mapping with BPMN or other modelling languages
  • Project leadership, management and controlling
  • Product concept catalogues and customer requirement specifications
  • Technical realization concepts
  • Quality management
  • Project controlling

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