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    Professional Services

    From conception and implementation, through development and integration of enterprise integration applications our "Professional Services" team’s composition here at BPM-X are composed is a broad palette of competent experts with extensive technical know-how

    Professional services extend business and product consulting for all kinds of implementation and product customizing related topics.
    As a matter of fact because they are the best, Professional Services are the “go to team” who work internally actualizing the modification, customization and adaptation of the various standard software products that become the efficiency tools in our suites.  Our customers and partners use these very same services for the integration and implementation of the BPM-X integration middleware and BPM products in their organizations.  It makes just makes sense.
    Our "workbench" of Professional Services includes the following toolboxes:

    • Project management
    • Development methodology and concepts
    • Software architectures
    • Software engineering
    • Deloyment technologies

    These services are also used by customers for individual tasks in the areas of application development, migration and integration of existing applications into new web-based system topographies relying on service-oriented architectures (SOA).

    Our own software is built based on with agile concepts, methodologies and tools for continuous accurate and timely delivery of software products and projects.
    The following programming languages and development systems are amongst those employed:

    • Java, Netbeans
    • .NET C#
    • C++
    • Office VBA
    • SQL
    • SAP ABAP, ABAP objects

    Major vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and others partner with us for our standard SQL databases.  The team stays current.  As the technology changes our team assimilates those changes so we can be relevant to and ready to meet our clients’ needs.

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    Fritz-Wunderlich-Straße 49
    66869 Kusel - Germany
    664 11th Ave S
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701 - USA

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    Intl. / US: +1 (813) 642-7865
    Germany: +49 (6381) 916-0

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