Automated application testing for the telecommunication industry using Frameworx eTOM

This webinar is about the use of TM Forum Frameworx eTOM best-practice process models for the generation of end-to-end test cases.

  • Gain insights into a methodology of how to align the business with the IT view
  • How to incorporate Enterprise Architect for modeling and test automation in your test management strategy
  • Live demonstration showing eTOM-based process models with Enterprise Architect for test automation with tools like HP ALM

The methodology is based on a single-point-of-truth gathering the requirements from the business with a modeling tool such as Sparx System Enterprise Architect, Microsoft Visio, Software AG, Camunda Modeler or many others. As the BPM-X approach is tool agnostic, the BA team can use their favorite modeling tool as it might be required by the organization or the project. Requirements and risks are captured in workshops as at the same time the to-be process models are designed based on best-practice models as available from TM Forum Frameworx eTOM. The requirements and risks are associated to tasks and processes to see how they will be implemented by the IT solution. This mapping is needed to allow BPM-X generating the requirements coverage in the testing tool such as HP ALM, MS TFS or others.


Once the process flows are captured, we use the model-based testing methodology and the BPM-X test case generator to derive from the process models the test cases. The example below shows a simple example process and two test cases derived.


The first step of automation is the generation of the test cases on a end-to-end paths level for all paths possible for a process model. The result can be directly uploaded in tools like HP ALM for test execution. The next step of automation is the generation of scripts for a test automation tool. The example below shows Katalon Studio that is to be used to record the test cases on forms level as functional test cases. And BPM-X generates the test scenarios (= end-to-end paths) and the test scenarios sets (=process models).


Outcome of the solution approach:

  • Model your business architecture as a single-point-of-truth as a blueprint of your IT-supported business process
  • Use a best-of-breed approach with existing tools and/or industry leading tools to lower costs in implementation and training
  • Eliminate media breaks by re-use of business process documentation for testing (system model), no redundancy, no outdated data, no extra editor
  • Implement a single point of truth for traceability of requirements and quick turn-arounds in agile development life cycles

So now, how to start implementing the methodology?

  • This webinar is focusing the telecommunication industry, where TM Forum is the leading non-profit organization with members of service providers and their suppliers.
  • TM Forum provides tools and information to help members in their digital transformation such as open APIs or best-practice business process guidelines.
  • A best-practice is the Enterprise Architecture Framework called Frameworx including the eTOM business process operational guidelines.

As an accelarator we use TM Forum Frameworx eTOM, the best practice or operational process models. For an implementation TransWare provides the content of eTOM in different tool formats. The example shows the modeling language and content in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


The rich content of Frameworx eTOM can be loaded in the modeling tool with the Enterprise Architect native EAP or EAPX project data. The modeling language mainly used for eTOM is BPMN.


The process to generate test cases from eTOM is described by 3 phases:

  1. eTOM as an accelerator to map process flows with a modeling tool such as Enterprise Architect
  2. BPM-X to generate test cases from eTOM and load those test cases directly in your testing tool such as Hp ALM
  3. A testing tool for manual or automated test execution


Outcome of the implementation is:

  • Use Frameworx for Sparx Systems™ Enterprise Architect (process content available from TransWare Webshop) as starting point of your digital transition projects
  • Use Frameworx eTOM as best-practice guideline for improvement of operational performance and tailor standard processes for your organizational needs.
  • Generate test cases from process models for your test environment (BPM-X® tool from TransWare) for automation of your test management in preparation and execution of test cases.

The recording is avaiable on Youtube:

The key takeaways are:

  • Model-based testing (MBT) and behavior-driven development (BDD) are integrated into a methodology to automate test preparation and test execution with a best-of-breed, tool-agnostic approach.
  • Traceability of requirements to solution delivery is given w/o any redundancy of information.
  • Frameworx for Enterprise Architect incl. eTOM uses native EA core technologies.
    It is available for download from TransWare’s webshop
  • eTOM can be used as active modeling content, an accelerator for transformation projects, best practice to be tailored, extended on implementation level using standards like BPMN.
  • End-to-end test case automation with BPM-X® from TransWare links the requirements and business processes with application testing. Leading tools such as Enterprise Architect or HP ALM are supported in addition to Katalon Studio, MS TFS, JIRA and others.

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