Processing of CAMUNDA BPMN 2.0 models to generate test cases in HP ALM

Modeling with BPMN™ 2.0 is nowadays a very common case for documentation and automation of business processes. However, the testing of complex models is not an easy task. BPM-X® processes BPMN™ models from tools like CAMUNDA, generates test cases and uses tools like HP ALM for test execution and automation.

There are many tools in the market for BPMN™ modeling and execution and some of them are supporting the new BPMNDI standard by OMG for data exchange format. A good implementation of BPMN™ modeling and data exchange is CAMUNDA, an open source tool for process automation. BPM-X® is a model bus software for diagram and model interchange with the capability to generate test cases for different tools.

The described use case comprises the use BPMN™ 2.0 to describe the business processes for automation. The created model and diagram is stored in a *.BPMN file. The following picture shows a BPMN™ 2.0 model of an SAP® business procure-to-pay process:

Camunda BPMN model 1024x614CAMUNDA BPMN 2.0 process model

The created *.BPMN model file is loaded into the BPM-X® model bus using the BPMNDI adapter. After having loaded the model into the model bus, operations like automated test case generation as well as writing them to the target system can be executed. Processing a BPMN™ model [is a kind of simulation of the model] involves the analysis of all possible end-to-end paths of the model and the corresponding generation of test cases. The algorithms are based on model-based testing (MBT). During the processing a cost optimization is performed to calculate the minimum number of required test cases. This optimization can lower the number of generated end-to-end paths to cover all tasks, all transitions, all paths and even higher coverages based on needs for quality.

HP ALM Design steps test caseGenerated HP ALM test case

After the optimization each end-to-end path becomes a test case with specifically assigned custom data attributes. The BPM-X® model bus then uses its HP ALM adapter to transfer the test cases via the REST web service interface into the specified HP ALM test plan module folder.

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