Manage requirements and risks in ARIS for process-driven test management with HP QC/ALM

systems development life cycle (SDLC) platform can be built with a best-of-breed approach using BPM, requirements, development and testing tools from different vendors. In such a scenario the BPM-X model bus and transformation tools are very helpful in combining various tools and methodologies to establish a continuous development process.

Without any media breaks the involved teams will assemble requirements and process documentation and automate the test preparation and execution using the same data model. A typical SLDC usually involves many different roles and disciplines: Enterprise architecture management, business process management, requirements and risks management, application engineering and quality management. So, all teams in a program or transformation project need to share the same model data, however, using different views, tools and methodologies. The traceability of business requirements to implementation delivery is one of the key objectives of such an approach. BPM-X combines these aspects and creates a shared collaboration platform.

SDLC DomainsDomains involved in an SDLC

A process repository holds all requirement and risk objects in conjunction with the process model data. This establishes a single point of truth so that different roles and teams can collaborate on the same model data.

risk requirements modeling objects 1024x548Objects and visual symbols

For compliance and risk modeling (e.g. SOX, Basel III), the BPMN object and symbol palette is extended by custom risks symbols:

Risk Requirement ModelingRisk and requirements modeling

The BPM-X model bus loads the process flow models (including related requirements and risks) and identifies end-to-end test paths through the process model. These test paths are the basis to generate test cases including test scripts. They are automatically uploaded via web services into the Test Plan module of, for instance, HP QC/ALM:

generated testcases 1024x474Generated test cases and test script with steps in HP QC/ALM

Also the risks and requirements are automatically uploaded to the Requirements module of HP QC/ALM and linked to the relevant test plans:

generated requirements 1024x553Risks and requirements in HP QC/ALM

Moreover, the process models themselves can be transformed into an XPDL representation and uploaded into the Business Models section of HP QC/ALM’s Requirements module.

Of course, there is our BPM-X trial software which includes a typical procure-to-pay process: it demonstrates how easily an SDLC can be established. Request your free trial via this web form:

And there is a short video bringing you up to speed with your trial version. It demonstrates a process flow model in ARIS 9.8 in conjunction with HP ALM 12:

BPMN Process Model with Risks Requirments 1024x543BPMN process model with risks and functional requirements.

Many other tools like Visio, Sparx System Enterprise Architect, Casewise, JIRA and versions thereof are supported on demand.

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