HTML5 sneak preview – a first glance at published EA and BPM model contents

In a February I have posted about a project using HTML5 and scalable vector graphics (SVG) for smarter publishing of business process models. The project now has come into the QA phase and I uploaded a first teaser of published content to be accessed from this blog post.

The idea behind HTML5 is having a generic, cross-platform language to publish model data, meta-data and diagram graphics that may come from various sources such as ARIS®, OpenText® ProVision, IBM Rational® System Architect or any other modeling, BPM(S) execution or ERP system like SAP®. With the BPM-X translation tools, any data source can be translated.

BPM X Publisher HTML5 1024x745

HTML5 published diagram content.

A teaser with published contents of SVG and model data in HTML5 can be easily accessed by following this link here…

Having mentioned our broad support for data providers, let us turn to the data subscribers. They are supported by specific types of output channels:

  • SharePoint® web parts and lists, for instance, can be used for meta-data storage while publishing diagrams to document libraries.
  • Wiki-like knowledge management platforms can be accessed via PCs using resource description framework (RDF) meta-data for the semantic web.
  • In general, all kind of mobiles and tablets can be provided with contents optimized for small devices

As an option all object data can be stored in a so-called federation repository. A federation repository is a universally designed database for storing model obejcts and relationships. It is governed by a open meta-model to manage models and view points (diagrams) provided in any known modeling language and notation (i.e. a meta-model with semantic rules and a graphical notation), not just EPC or BPMN™. The federation repository permits to migrate, consolidate and cross-link models (and diagrams) coming from quite different domains such as EA, BPA, BPMS, GRC, ALM and different enterprise management tools with their individual customized modeling languages. This functionality is extended by check-in /check-out capabilities that are needed for version management and the tracing and auditing of content changes.

Our solution architects have designed the SVG and the HTML5 rendering engines to directly run within the BPM-X integration layer. The rendering operations are plugable operations of the BPM-X enterprise service bus; therefore they can be flexibly configured for more complex transformation scenarios. So, BPM-X offers the same level of flexibility on the transformation level as it does on the level of tools and platforms with respect to the federation repository.

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