Webinar - System Model versus Test Model

In test management it's a long and ongoing discussion if a better a system model or a specific test model should be elaborated to describe the behaviour of a SUT (system under test). In this post we include a webinar to present the BPM-X approach of using system models for test-case generation. Existing models like process flow documentations or ERP blueprints are re-used and improved to derive test-cases by the concept of model-based testing.

The 30min webinar presents the BPM-X software solution with a live demo presenting the tools Microsoft Visio, Sparx Enterprise Architect and Software AG ARIS to showcase how those tools can be used to generate test cases in Microsoft Excel and HP ALM. The following table summarizes the apporach and the benefits in using directly system models to generate test-case and test-scripts.

Leveraging directly the system model (like business process flows, process documentation or ERP blueprints) as single point of truth has the benefit that we have no redundant test model to be maintained. The result of this apporach are quicker turn-arounds for iterations, regression tests especially in agile development environments. There will be no information deficits by missing updates of change process documentation, nor faults by importing and manually maintaining the test model as the orginal source model of the modeling tool is used.

By re-using the existing tool landscape of modeling-, requirements- and testing-tools no additional tool training is required. The team can concentrate more on the methodical aspects of test-management and automation of the test-cases.The BPM-X solution is a tool and modeling agnostic way to link the business side of solution requirements and application scoping with the more technical part of solution delivery without the introduction of a new tooling or additional Editor for test model maintenance.

Connecting existing modeling tools with the testing tools results in sustainable investments in tools, configurations and know-how of the team.

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