Unlock the value of modeling assets by universal translation

Modeling assets are developed in many different scenarios, e.g. in total quality management, during ERP application blueprinting, in enterprise architecture initiatives or in business process improvement projects. Although there are different motivations and appropriate methodologies in modeling the Enterprise, it would be beneficial to leverage existing investments or streamline the overall approach of modeling in an organization.

Because of different tools and different standards teams hardly benefit from efforts already spent by other teams in creating modeling assets in the enterprise.

Practical aspects are e.g. -using capability maps from SAP Solution Manager (business process repository), APQC or SCOR in your favorite modeling tool, reusing existing business process models for simulation, create test cases from process models for end to end testing, adopt business models as baseline for process execution or software development, building single points of truth for enterprise architecture, exchanging modeling master data like IT systems or organizational units between EA and BPA tools used, interchange models and diagrams between different tools using different EA frameworks and many more use-cases.

Using BPM-Xchange® overcomes the known problem being locked into fixedness given by different modeling formats and standards. The software enables a universal model and diagram translation and handles a variety of modeling languages, frameworks, meta-models and diagram styles from various modeling domains.  The software is designed as an enterprise service bus and can be extended flexibly by pluggable adapters and thus provides a so called model translation bus.

BPM X COTS AdaptersBPM-Xchange model translation bus with commercial-out-of-the-shelf (COTS) adapters

Universal translation of business process models, software design or process execution models is performed between different formats and standards, within the following categories:

  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Service Orchestrations
  • Process Execution and Workflow
  • Governance-Compliance-Risk
  • Quality Management
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Configuration Management Databases
  • Simulation Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning

The BPM-Xchange® software has a standard common setup. The software is adjusted to a translation task by a specific so called configuration. It is this combination of standard basic functionality and specific configuration for an individual translation that allows the wide variety of use with asingle software setup. The configuration for an individual use-case is specifically elaborated by an architect and comprises a rule set with specific mapping rules to provide the translation of models and diagrams. This configuration is finally loaded into the model translation bus for execution.

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