Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect and HP ALM/QC – a winning team for business process-driven test management

Sparx Systems™ Enterprise Architect is a widely used tool for process mapping and modeling just as HP ALM is the leading tool in the market for test management. Combining both tools proves the formula 1 + 1 = 3 to be true: benefit from both the added value of leveraging business process models for requirements management and generating model-based test cases.

HP ALM introduces agile testing with requirements management based on business process models. This defines a single point of truth and avoids common issues like the misalignment between business processes and business requirements and linking of artifacts like test, defects and code for the most comprehensive view. Business analysts and test engineers gain a clear understanding of the exact business process. Transparency in terms of critical paths and end-to-end coverage is achieved by development and QA for user acceptance testing (UAT), integration and non-regression testing.

This video shows how easily Sparx Systems™ Enterprise Architect (EA) can be linked with HP ALM/QC.

Process models are the driving force for boosting agile testing. Although there are (many) standards in the BPM market, tools failing to reuse existing modeling assets are still a common issue. With the BPM-X model bus with its ability to translate different dialects of model formats between tools, BPM-X has introduced a cool technology of model-based testing for the automated generation of end-to-end paths.
EA is used by many teams for software development and business process modeling. System integrators and consulting agencies very much appreciate this handy tool to master the blueprint exercise of ERP or SOA projects.
It is therefore a striking and obvious step to link Sparx Systems™ EA with HP ALM to re-use the modeling assets like UML® models from software development or BPMN™ models as application and process blueprints in HP ALM.

Sparx HP ALM Integration 300x86Integrate Sparx Systems™ Enterprise Architect using UML® or BPMN™ models with HP ALM to create requirements and test cases with the BPM-X model bus.

In a first step the specific Sparx Systems™ EA model format and model languages (UML®, BPMN™) are translated to HP ALM format and loaded into the HP ALM requirements module. It is an option for test teams to have a reverse de-composition to generate real end-to-end paths without traversing different levels of linked models.

As a second feature the Sparx Systems™ EA models can be used by BPM-X for a fully automated generation of test-cases in the HP ALM domain of test plans. This ensures that all transitions or possible end-to-end paths of a process model are captured and tested. Using this feature significantly cuts the efforts for the preparation of test plans and test cases and eliminates the impacts of deficient business process and requirements coverage during UAT with integration and non-regression testing.

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