Boost productivity in various project scenarios with the ORACLE BPA Suite

The Oracle Business Process Analysis (BPA) Suite comprises Oracle Corporation software products that provide modeling and analysis of business processes based on the ARIS tool suite.  The BPA tool suite is used by business analysts and technical architects for modeling of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and implementation using the Oracle Fusion Middleware. The models from BPA suite can be converted to other tools such as Microsoft Visio or published to SharePoint.

The BPA suite focuses primarily on business process documentation, capturing of requirements, gap analysis and blueprinting of SOA. The integration of BPA tools can accelerate project realizations by use of existing BPM assets, by spreading the work of process mapping to business lines and analysts or by handing over model deliverables in the very common format of Microsoft Visio. This allows also publishing into SharePoint.

The main use-cases for integration of Oracle BPA with other modeling tools are

  • Conversion of legacy Visio diagrams or other formats to Oracle BPA models with the respective BPA conventions
  • Use of Visio as a front-end for modeling and round-tripping with Oracle BPA and
  • Export of an Oracle BPA business architecture with models to Visio or other modeling tools.
  • Publish models to portals, e.g. using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with Visio Services

The conversion of legacy Visio diagrams or models from other tools is supported by transforming even very deviant conventions into valid Oracle BPA conventions. The following videos show the migration of model data to Oracle BPA conventions.

The Oracle BPA Suite uses an adapted modeling language that has similarities to the ARIS modeling language. A functional allocation diagram (FAD) e.g. describes the context of a BPMN task and the same applies to the EPC modeling language.

The following image shows a process flow in Oracle BPA:

OBPA Oracle BPMN ProcessOracle BPA Suite BPMN process flow

Here is the similar process flow in Microsoft Visio:

The demanding adaption requires a customized BPMN modeling language which the BPM-X tool provides with its modeling language template library. Provided standard conventions can be modified for the custom Oracle BPA filter used by the organization. The BPM-X Designer tool for Visio loads these conventions into a configuration file and thus allows method compliant and high quality modeling of deliverables created in Visio.

OBPA Visio FAD 1024x614Oracle BPA BPMN process flow in Visio with linked FAD diagrams

Besides the conversion of diagram graphics, the model and object data are bidirectionally exchanged between the tools. The conventions of the Oracle BPA filter are adapted so that all data are available in the Visio tool.

OBPA Visio AttributesOracle BPA BPMN process in Visio showing assigned attribute data for models and objects (shapes)

With the capability of BPM-X to convert model data an many formats, a cool feature is to publish into SharePoint.  Different formats can be used like HTML5 or the new Visio 2013 VSDX format.

By using VSDX format we can use SharePoint 2013 Visio Services to build dashboards visualizing KPIs in process models using Visio Data Graphics.

At the bottom line, BPM-X offers a valuable support for Oracle BPA Suite with its set of templates and configurations.  Existing diagrams can be leveraged for the import into the BPA Suite assuring a fast project start.  Project productivity can be significantly boosted by using Visio with the BPM-X Designer tool as an easy to use front-end modeling tool for consultants, business analysts or process owners.

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