Performance and Process Management with Profiling for SAP®

It is a known fact for SAP® landscapes that ERP systems are insufficiently documented or have an outdated documentation. Often SAP® implementations lack appropriate methodologies like change and business process management. Even though an SAP® Solution Manager (SSM) is available in the IT landscape, it is not used for blueprint documentation.

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Performance and Process Profiling for SAP

As a result, customized SAP® systems are non-transparent and inflexible for business-driven ERP optimizations. In addition, it is unclear to executives which parts of SAP® are actually used by the business and to which extent business processes are really IT-supported.

Performance and process management is one subject of TransWare’s Profiling for SAP® software solution. Our reengineering and redocumentation solution helps SAP® clients to better understand their system landscape in terms of technical and business aspects and hence find appropriate decisions for improvements.

The SAP® part of the Profiling solution is centrally installed on an SAP® Solution Manager or an SAP® NetWeaver® application server. The entire SAP® landscape can be analyzed without any code deployment on the SAP® production systems. By merging SAP® Reference Models or an existing SAP® blueprint project with the analysis results, as-is functional process maps can be obtained. They later can be exported into Excel® format, uploaded into SAP® Solution Manager Blueprint projects, or imported into 3rd party BPM modeling tools.

The offering comprises a set of SAP®-qualified professional and consulting services.

Business cases

Profiling for SAP® offers excellent decision support for scenarios like
  • SAP® ERP implementation or upgrade
  • business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • application management services (AMS)
  • acquisitions and mergers with SAP® system consolidations or splits
  • deployment of ERP enhancements
  • international rollout of ERP templates
  • compliance issues like Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Value proposition

In addition to technical perspectives, the Profiling solution delivers a business-oriented view (as-is functional process map) of the used SAP® processes in the organization. It consists of business scenarios, processes and process steps including standard and customized transactions. This data can be used for redocumentation in SAP® Solution Manager. In combination with a 3rd party BPM tool, it can also be used for modeling the to-be processes in the ASAP Blueprinting phase of a new SAP® solution.

Performance and Process X
SAP Solution Manager Business Process View with Transactions

This solution offering is available as SaaS or service only.

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