Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

SAP Solution Manager (SSM) includes tools for solution monitoring on IT operational and business levels. On the business level, business executives can evaluate the process maturity by KPI monitoring. Process transparency is improved and business decisions are accelerated. The achieved performance quality can be visualized with dashboards which offer drill-down functionality for detailed process KPI analysis.
TransWare SAP Solution Manager Business Activity Monitoring BAM Xcelsius Business Objects Dashboard
KPI visualization with SAP Business Objects Xcelsius dashboard

BAM requires a so-called SSM solution which represents the operational business processes in the IT landscape. SSM has a library of predefined KPI monitor types that allow the inspection of process steps for specific criteria, e.g. “open sales documents” in a business process. It is possible to define custom KPI monitors to capture specific KPIs.

TransWare SAP Solution Manager Monitoring BAM Process Configuration
Business Activity Monitoring

TransWare’s project methodology for establishing BAM in an IT landscape and organization includes four project phases.

TransWare SAP Solution Manager Monitoring Project Phases
Project phases for the development of BAM with SAP Solution Manager

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