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BPM-X Designer extends Visio® to a real modeling tool. Visio® is enriched with the support of modeling languages. Like other high-end modeling tools, BPM-X Designer comes with different diagram types for the modeling of specific contexts, such as workflow models, organizational charts, data models among with many other diagram types.

BPM-X offers modeling software that offers genuine universal business process model (BPM) transformation for carrying out highly sophisticated BPM conversions between a variety of tools and methodologies. BPM-X integration tools can import all popular BPM formats and standards with a set of predefined adapters and templates. The software is highly flexible and can be adjusted for the needs of a specific BPM environment.

BPM-X Designer for Visio tool helps you to

  • Optimize your licenses fee structure and maintenance efforts by enhancing Visio® for efficient method-compliant process modeling and capturing
  • Lower training and support costs for users
  • Simplify your project lifecycle by satisfied users
  • Optimize your TCO for Aris® based BPM landscapes
  • Enhance BPM acceptance by including business users and process owners
  • Boost productivity as a result of increased usability for BPM modelers


Efficient high-end BPM tools have an important advantage as compared to graphics-oriented drawing tools: they support method-compliant modeling and analytic capabilities. For example, these BPM tools provide the element types "organizational unit" and "position" within an organizational chart, whereas process models provide element types such as "activity" and "process interface". Furthermore element types can only be connected with each other in a sensible way. This ensures that the model deliverables are sensible, uniform and fulfill for instance the technical requirements of a simulation or a workflow management system.
This is not the case with easy to use and popular graphics-oriented modeling tools such as pure Microsoft Visio®. Here, the modeling constructs like shapes can be used and connected arbitrarily with each other within the diagram. This can very easily result in a non-uniform and methodically inconsistent diagram. If used for pure visualization only, this may still be acceptable, however it is not feasible to integrate several diagrams into a comprehensive enterprise business process model with purely graphics-oriented drawing tools.

The BPM-X Designer solves these problems with a trade-off between easy usability and strict methodology. As an add-on software component for Microsoft Visio®, BPM-X Designer enriches Visio® to a full blown BPM modeling tool. Visio® obtains the capabilities of method-compliant modeling. Like all high-end modeling BPM tools, BPM-X Designer comes with different diagram types for the modeling of specific contexts, such as workflow models, organizational charts, data models etc. In each diagram type, only the appropriate elements can be used and connected according to the principles of the method. As a consequence, diagrams provided by different users nevertheless become uniform, method-compliant and consistent. More than 200 diagram types are available as predefined templates of leading methodologies such as Aris, EPC, Flowcharts, Swimlanes or BPMN. Due to the open meta model, individual methods with specific diagram types and shapes can be defined with the BPM-X Administrator.

For the ARIS® platform, BPM-X offers a bidirectional link with the BPM-X Converter using BPM-X Designer enhanced Visio® as an efficient modeling frontend. The diagrams are stored by the BPM-X Designer as standard Visio® XML data files. Thus they are formatted right from the outset for the exchange with other modeling tools and business process management systems through the BPM-X Converter.

Benefits of BPM-X Designer are

  • Full integration with all popular office products by office standards
  • Improved learning curve by easy to use functionalities
  • Full compliance with international as well as company specific modeling standards
  • Wide collaboration through Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server
  • Easy deployment into the office workplace

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