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The BPM-X cloud solution is a professional, cloud-based modeling, collaboration and communication platform for enterprise architecture (EA), business process analysis (BPA) and management (BPM).

Improve collaboration and communication

This solution uses Microsoft® products and technologies like Office, Visio®, SharePoint® as well as the secure, encrypted Windows® Azure™ and Microsoft® Office 365™ cloud services.

The solution provides a role-based access to the shared information basis residing in a document and object repository for lines-of-business owners, business stakeholders, project team members or architects.
The BPM-X Cloud Solution features

  • Microsoft® Office tools for modeling and data analysis
  • SharePoint® to establish workflows for approval, change request or operational workflows
  • Windows® Azure™ and Office 365™ cloud to build the tool and information backbone

Benefits of using BPM-X software products

BPM-X transparently connects different enterprise roles from business and IT bringing together both business process changes (BP) and existing BP information.

Strategic advantages

  • Create transparency, spread relevant information to business lines and align people with planned and running business initiatives.
  • Receive early commitments from business stakeholders for organizational changes triggered by BPM-driven projects.
  • Improve process maturity by sharing relevant process information with process owners allowing for feedbacks.

Economic benefits

  • Flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model without upfront investments for software licenses.
  • Microsoft’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS) considerably reduces IT costs for infrastructure, hosting and maintenance.
  • Minimal requirements for training and application support.
  • Elimination of implementation costs by using a ready-to-run turnkey solution.

Use cases focused with BPM for the masses

The solution comprises all relevant tools and functionalities that organizations require for EA or BPA. It is designed for business users rather than focusing on technical teams only. It provides process visibility and spreads BPM initiatives to a wider audience.

Cloud-based modeling
Microsoft® Office Visio® is the de-facto standard in many organizations for process mapping and diagramming. It is easy to use and licenses are considered low-priced. Many business users are familiar with the tool. BPM-X has kept the familiar user interface of Visio® and enhanced it by a rule-engine which communicates with the cloud backend using web services. An offline working mode optimally supports consultants and business users in their work. It is good for them to know that their modeling is based on real objects with real identities and properties. This brings modeling power to the business desktop, such that the enhanced Visio® approach can very well compete with specialized, but often complicated tools.

Collaboration and workflows
Changes need to be captured and tracked. Information flows between the roles involved in a governance process. This is the domain of SharePoint® with its user-friendly collaboration platform.

Reporting and publishing
Simply using Internet Explorer® permits users to retrieve required information from analytic reports. Data can be stored in most popular formats like Microsoft® Office Excel® or Word®. Web-based model publishing allows easy access to business process data including associated governance and control documentation.

Information integration
Due to the built-in BPM-X Integration Server, object data from ARIS®, SAP®, CMDBs and other sources can be re-used, including graphical diagrams.

Publishing ARIS® data to open formats
It is convenient to use BPM-X for the publishing of ARIS® data with HTML, SharePoint® or web-based reporting.

Replace ARIS® by the BPM-X solution
ARIS® is fully replaced by using the BPM-Xchange® enterprise repository based on SharePoint® and Microsoft® SQL Server®.

Building a truly scalable solution

BPM-X delivers a multitenant solution optimized for the popular Microsoft® cloud platform for an improved business value with low project risk and TCO. All major modeling languages and notations are supported by an open meta-model. There are more than 200 ready-to-use modeling templates available, such as EPC or BPMN™.

The 4-tier solution builds up an auditable repository using Microsoft® products:

  • Microsoft® Office Visio® enhanced for professional modeling
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® for information publishing, versioned document storage, governance and operational human workflows
  • Webservice Application Server for business logic management built on Microsoft® .NET and ASP.NET®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® for object and instance data storage and reporting services for analysis


Cloud technology

You will learn how to

  • enable effective communication between business and IT departments
  • give business process models to a wider audience
  • manage all kind of models in a central repository together with associated documents
  • establish workflows to manage changes and information flow
  • publish relevant enterprise model information to business stakeholders


"This solution is state-of-art for enterprise information management. It includes up-to-date tools and methodologies to improve communication between business and IT for more transparent and agile business processes.”


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