Features of process-driven testing

Business-process driven testing is based on the methodology and algorithms of model-based testing using business process models to generate a set of valid test paths.

Model based testing process

The table shows the value proposition of the model-based testing solution.



Standard software

BPM-X test cases generator is standard software that can be flexible modified as a toolbox by an open-meta model and various adapters to read and write to different formats (read process models, write test cases/test scripts).

Modeling tool agnostic approach:
dapts any modeling tool such as OpenText® ProVision, ARIS®, Sparx Enterprise Architect, CaseWise, MEGA, IBM Rational® System Architect and may others like Microsoft Visio®.

Existing tools can be continued in use. No need to add a specific modeler or to re-model diagrams, flows or state-diagrams.A mapping transforms the specific tool format into an internal, neutral format for processing of test cases. This avoids learning a new tool and reuse of existing assets and skills.

BPM-X Designer for Visio as modeling tool.

If no modeling tool is available, the easy to use BPM-X Designer for Visio can be used. It is a add-on to VISIO that allows to be configured by a modeling language of your choice: BPMN, UML, EPC, Swimlane or others.

Support of any modeling languages such as BPMN, EPC, UML or simply flowcharts. All languages are supported

BPM-x does not lock the customer into the use of a technical state-flow diagram. Existing languages can be used. Also the languages can be customized or different versions such as BPMN 1.1 or 2.0 are supported.

Best-of-breed approach

Because of adapted model tools and testing environments, BPM-X adds no new tool to the tools landscape of organizations. It leverages existing environments and invests. The best modeling tools, testing tools and test automation tools can be combined or they exist already partially.

End-to-end processing of complex process architectures

BPM-X supports the unique feature of reverse decomposition. This allows the processing of real end-to-end processes and flows running through several procedures. A flexible mapping allows to adapt the modeling conventions as there are many ways to decompose a business architecture.

Business and technical focus

Depending on the project context BPM-X is very business focused (e.g. BPMN / EPC for ERP or complex IT applications integration and regression testing) or UML for more technical testing of functionality.

Requirements and tracebility

Functional and non-functional Requirements are extracted from process models and included in the processing of test cases. If the testing tool has capability to handle requirements these can be linked to the test cases for coverage (see e.g. HP ALM Test plan with test cases and requirements).

Processing of probabilities

If transitions are keyed with probabilities than the optional the execution probabilities of path is calculated.

Integration with testing tools

Output of test cases can be simply Excel sheets or direct integration via REST webservices with HP QC/HP ALM, up to current cloud version 12.x. Other testing tools like Atlassian JIRA are integrated via REST web services API.

Static analysis of process models

There are different algorithms to calculate process path, starting from C0 (statement coverage), C1 (transition coverage), C2 (condition coverage), C3 with linearization of AND/OR splits/joins.

Reporting services

BPM-X uses a SQL Server for web based reporting services. Processed data can be analyzed in many ways.


The deliverables can be generated as diagrams to show end-to-end processes or end-to-end process path. Visualization produces SVG, PNG/JPG or Visio formats. Also other formats such as ARIS, Provision etc are possible.

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