What offers BPM-X for model data and diagram graphics translation?

BPM-X® is a software tool suite that offers sophisticated model data and diagram translation and interchange among a variety of tools, formats and standards.

Universal Model Data and Diagram translation

The BPM-X® model bus is designed as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software that converts model data and diagram graphics from various modeling tools, repositories and other so called Enterprise Management tools.

BPM-X® is an toolset for universal model transformations which handles different formats of model data from different domains like Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) or Business Process Management (BPM). BPM-X® is managed with an open meta-model with wide range of predefined configurations including over 200 modeling languages like BPMN or EPC. Adherence to worldwide standards ensures that BPM-X® customers achieve process certification and conformance.


Unique flexibility of BPM-X® encourages thorough reuse and seamless improvement of your legacy processes across different business process design platforms. BPM-X® increases the value of the processes in your organization through the flexible integration of your know-how into best practices using world-wide standards. BPM-X® will enable you to achieve global process excellence

Transformation of business process, software design or process execution models is performed between different formats and standards, within the following domains:

  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Software Development
  • Service Orchestrations
  • Process Execution and Workflow
  • Governance-Compliance-Risk
  • Quality Management
  • Corporate Performance Management

BPM-X® integrates modeling tools and project participants within a heterogenius tool landscape and helps with the following scenarios:

  • Business optimization using new business process management systems BPM(S) for business process automation
  • Acquisition or merging of companies requires the consolidation of tools and migration of model data in an existing BPM landscape
  • New business requirements implemented by SOA projects using new BPM tools and middleware require the buildup of a BPM landscape

Use cases

Typical uses of BPM-X® in your tool landscape are to:

  • Consolidate you tool landscape by replacing tools in order to get more efficient tool
  • Migrate existing model data from one tool into another, e.g. Visio® diagrams into valid Aris® process models
  • Set up a distributed BPM landscape with easy to use BPM tools for Business Users by the integration of different BPM tools
  • Use the BPM-X model bis to link tools with process repositories of leading ERP vendors like SAP® or Oracle®
  • Offer a method for easy data exchange between BPM tools such as Visio® for business users and BPM expert tools such as ARIS®

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