Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for BPM

BPM-Xchange® has been introduced to reduce the high TCO of BPM, related to license, maintenance, user training and support costs,e.g. the combined ARIS-Visio platform.

TCO Optimization for BPM Installations

Enabled by reducing the license, maintenance, user training and support costs e.g. bidirectional linking Aris® with Visio®.

Aris® is an enterprise wide process management tool, however, its range  and complexity may overwhelm business users who  need a process design tool as an occasional add-on  to the standard office software. In this situation the cost, complexity and expertise requirements for Aris® will  be excessive.

Microsoft Visio® is familiar to most office users and is considered to be  the readily available alternative to Aris®. However, standard Microsoft Visio® does not provide or control the process methodology. BPM-X Designer works seamlessly with Microsoft Visio® and delivers a unique synthesis of intuitive simplicity in business diagram design along with the rigid enforcement of process standards and  consistency.

BPM-Xchange® createsa  universal bridge, enabling the combined use of Microsoft Visio® within the business user workplace,  with the enterprise capabilities of Aris® within the central process repository of a company. This combination radically decreases the Aris® TCO by reuse of the available skills and resources for Microsoft Office-based products.

Use cases which are supported by BPM-Xchange® are to:

  • Integrate  Visio® into Aris® for bi-directional exchange of process models
  • Use Visio® for fully Aris®-compliant business process modeling and process capturing by BPM modeling teams and business users
  • Convert Aris® process models into Visio® diagrams for easy use by business users
  • Optimize the license structure in the case of pending Aris® upgrades by replacing Aris® licenses with the BPM-Xchange® solution based on Visio®
  • Improve the BPM collaboration process between Aris®, BPM-Xchange® and Visio® using Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server

Benefits in using a efficient combination of Aris® and Microsoft BPM tools are

  • Reduction of license, maintenance and support costs
  • Optimization of usage for already existing Microsoft Software in the organization
  • Lower training costs and needs by using Office compliant tools
  • Increased BPM productivity due to process owners actively participating in the BPM process
  • Improved BPM quality by immediately capturing process changes
  • Delivering better process models using the knowledge of the process owners
  • Comprehensive process governance with a collaboration of BPM participants and workflows based on SharePoint® services

1.TCO Optimization for BPM Installations

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