Model Migration Service

Do you need to convert existing model data or diagrams from some BPM-specific source format or tool into a different destination format?
Have you been looking for a cost-efficient alternative to the traditionally time consuming and error prone re-modeling for your new EA or BPM tool?
Would you like to seamlessly:  Convert from one version of a tool to another? Replace a tool? Reuse some existing process documentation for a project? Or just convert your EPC diagrams to BPMN?

The Model Migration Service is a unique offering which brings superior quality and results to support your project(s) going into the future.
The service has been designed for the exchange and translation of model or diagram data for:

  • Business Process Management System (BPMS)
  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  • Model Migration Service is capable of handling any size of project in terms of the number of templates, models, objects, shapes, and data like attributes or properties. It offers a high migration rate in transforming models using the specialized universal BPM-X model translation technology.  All adding to your enterprise’s efficiency.


  • You are using a tool like ARIS, ProVision or System Architect (or others) and like to convert to Microsoft Visio for publishing of business processes?
  • You have a modeling tool and like to replace this modeling tool by another tool without lost of data?

Then the Model Migration Service is the right service to do this job.

In order to utilize the service, you may submit your existing process models or diagrams to a secured BPM-X website having them transformed into the desired target format. Each project will be accompanied by a Senior Consultant with extensive project management, business process management and/or software design experience who will coordinate the project and advise you on the migration results as well as on questions of modeling techniques and conventions. Or you may find it a better fit to use the BPM-X SaaS offerings running BPM-X in a cloud environment, or to directly use the BPM-X products deployed in your own IT landscape.

The service is based on BPM-X technology which is ready to use for various modeling languages such as

  • BPMN 
  • eEPC
  • UML
  • IDEF

Model Migration Services are also handy for use with various frameworks like Zachman, eTOM, DoDAF (DM2), NAF, MoDAF or many others.
With the model migration services you preserve investments in your model repository and process documentation without being locked into a specific tool, modeling format or language.  This flexibility disengages customers from the worries that come with the costs and time delays of manual rework.  It is your data in the end, so why not own it all the way?

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