Enterprise Process Model Reporting

By using business intelligence (BI) concepts and tools, development and deployment costs and efforts can be reduced effectively. Reporting Services is a web-based BI technology which employs report templates with predefined data queries and sophisticated report layouts to supply a high usability to business users.


Get the most out of your enterprise repository data

As an enterprise application integration (EAI) platform, BPM-X integrates all leading EA, BPA, GRC and BPM(S) applications, repositories or databases by converting, transforming and exchanging both their model data and methodology. BPM-X Reporting Services represents the analytical side of the BPM-X portfolio and is synonymous with BI meets BPM.
All results are quickly and easily available through standard Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. Of course, the deliverables are provided in standard Office formats, HTML, PDF and others.

By the way: BPM-X Reporting Services are also available in the Microsoft® Azure® cloud.

Benefits of using BPM-X Reporting Services

There are a number of good strategic and economic reasons to consider BPM-X Reporting Services.

Strategic advantages

  • The BI-based solution allows for reporting on arbitrary combinations of enterprise modeling and operational data.
  • Quick access to up-to-date enterprise analytic data.
  • Easy-to-use web-based interface for consultants and business users.
  • Zero deployment on end user workstations.
  • Interlinked process models, model hierarchies and model data such as objects, symbols, connectors and attributes.

Economic profits

  • Significant cost reduction for deployment, distribution and employment of reports.
  • Lower efforts in report development compared to common report development with Java Script or Basic.
  • Reduced efforts in report template maintenance and modifications.
  • Preconfigured report templates already included.

Use cases we focus with BPM-X Reporting Services

BPM-X Reporting Services introduce a new level of enterprise-wide reporting for enterprise architecture or business process architecture data with multi-dimensional process model warehousing. It facilitates scalable BI technologies to analyze your enterprise repository. With BPM-X Reporting Services comes the BPM-X Repository as a backend for all available enterprise data that can easily be linked with the BPM-X Converter component.

Enterprise reporting using web technology

BPM-X Reporting Services allows business users to analyze all data at their workplace just using the Internet Explorer or their favorite web browser. By the use of web technology, no deployment or user-specific licenses are needed for BPM-X Reporting Services.

Support for Microsoft® Office

When the business users have selected the desired report and data, the results can easily be downloaded into standard Office formats such as Excel®, Word® or PDF. Using Microsoft® Office 2010, a user can create data feeds to extract the native report data into Excel® 2010. This allows further analysis of data using e.g. pivot tables.

Script-free reporting

Based on standard Microsoft® products, report templates can be created by architects or analysts using Microsoft® Visual Studio® and deployed as report templates. These templates are employed by business users. A report template offers the user a choice of selection criteria to narrow the result set of data. In this way very flexible reports are deployed to the users.

With a web-based front-end business users can manage their own, individual report templates by modifying existing or creating new templates



You will learn how to

  • Create script-free sophisticated report templates
  • Deliver reports to the end user using web browsers
  • Use Microsoft® Azure® cloud offerings to reduce upfront investments in infrastructure
  • Visualize results with diagrams and model data
  • Integrate all deliverables for business users with Microsoft® Offic


“Enterprise reporting delivers the project team all insights into the blueprinting of our ERP solution without the need to deploy software or costly scripting of complex reports.”


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