Method Analyzer to Reengineer the Methodology

Business diagrams often exist as quick sketches within standard office documents. Even if your company is using professional process modeling tools, these tools often lack exposing modeling methods explicitly.

BPM-Xchange® provides the powerful ability to discover the modeling logic within your enterprise models, whatever origin they have. Powerful artificial intelligence of BPM-Xchange® automatically reconstructs full set of implied business rules and used methodology, which were utilized in the design of any business diagram. For conversions of process models without method definitions, an optional function Method Analyzer exists. This tool re-engineers the method from sample model data to automatically create the XMF method meta data. This is very helpful for tools without method compliance such as Microsoft Visio® or BPM tools which do not export their method meta data.


The common case of such process logic discovery is the analysis of existing Microsoft Visio® drawings and diagrams. Many companies have already been using Microsoft Visio® for process modeling for many years. Nevertheless, due to the fact that Visio® is focused on the drawing of a diagram, a method can be defined in many different ways. The resulting diagrams are to a great deal very non-uniform rather than following a strict methodology. However there is a lot of process knowledge in existing models.

As a result, individual models provided by different modelers, working groups or departments often do not match common method conventions. They do not form a suitable basis for the establishment of comprehensive business process management. Also, further use of such models in other BPM tools like simulation or workflow management systems is not possible because of the absence of a well-defined method.

With Visio® for example, the Method Analyzer reads available Visio® diagrams and checks for used symbols and connectors. The Method Analyzer generates the method meta data, which can be used to build a new method configuration. This way, process models in existing Visio® diagrams can be transferred into models which conform to a specified method and BPM tool like Aris®.

Benefits in using the Method Analyzer are

  • Native discovery of existing process design in your company
  • Transparent migration of existing process documentation
  • Certification of company workflows without explicit refactoring
  • Visual drafting of intuitive business logic with subsequent formalization
  • Automatic discovery of hidden business rules

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