Meta Model Configuration

The BPM-Xchange® software has a flexible open meta model to generically describe methods. These methods specify the input and output model data structures to be transformed exchanged between different tools.

They are the basis for the creation of new mapping rules, i.e. rules which describe the transformation of models between different tools or standards. By means of the BPM-X Administrator tool called Method Editor, the method meta model can be maintained.

If a tool has the capability to export its own meta data, this information can be transformed into the BPM-Xchange® method meta data format. E.g. if method definitions exist like OMG MOF (Meta Object Facility) or an Aris® filter definition, those can be converted into the BPM-Xchange® method meta data XMF format.

For conversions of process models without method definitions, an optional function call Method Analyzer exists. This tool reengineers the method from sample model data to automatically create the XMF method meta data. This is very helpful for tools without method compliance such as Microsoft Visio® or BPM tools which do not export their method meta data.

With Visio® for example, the Method Analyzer reads available Visio® diagrams and checks for used symbols and connectors. The Method Analyzer generates the method meta data, which can be used to build a new method configuration. This way, process models in existing Visio® diagrams can be transferred into models which conform to a specified method and BPM tool such as Aris®.

The method definition is also used to configure the BPM-X Designer for method conformity in modeling within Microsoft Visio®.

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