BPM-X Model Migration Service

Kaiserslautern, 11 Feb 2010

BPM-X, the global leader in model exchange technologies, is delighted to announce the introduction of its general BPM-X Model Migration Service for the exchange of model data among a variety of Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Analysis (BPA), Enterprise Architecture (EA), Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), and software design or modeling tools and systems.

The BPM-X Model Migration Service has been designed to provide a fast and cost-efficient migration of model or diagram data from any BPM-specific source format or tool standard into a desired destination format.

In the past, customers have repeatedly been requesting a cost-efficient alternative to the traditional, manual remodeling of existing models in their target BPM tools. The BPM-X Model Migration Service is our highly cost-effective answer, being capable of handling any size of project in terms of the number of templates, models, objects, shapes, and data like attributes or properties. The service offers a high migration rate in transforming models using the BPM-Xchange model data exchange technology.

In order to utilize the service, customers submit their existing process models or diagrams to BPM-X and have them transformed into the desired target format. Each project will be accompanied by a Senior BPM-X Consultant with extensive project management, business process management or software design experience who will coordinate the project and advise customers on the migration results as well as on questions of modeling techniques and conventions. As an alternative, the customer may use the BPM-X SaaS offerings running BPM-Xchange in a Cloud environment, or directly use the BPM-Xchange technology in their customer IT landscape.

The service is based on BPM-Xchange technology which is ready for various modeling languages such as eEPC, BPMN, BPEL, IDEF, UML and methodologies such as ARIS®, ITIL, CobIT, SCOR® , DoDAF or eTOM and can be easily extended to cover further types. Models can be developed from a variety of BPM software sources such as the ARIS® platform, Microsoft® Visio® or other BPM tools as well as documents including Microsoft® Word®, PowerPoint® and Excel®. Tool-specific modeling languages or meta-model configurations are analyzed and the BPM-Xchange model data mapping technology is appropriately customized.

By means of the BPM-X pattern-based mapping technology, even intricate source-to-target mapping situations can be easily handled. These occur for instance when mapping complex eEPC source models to high-quality BPMN or BPMN-like targets.

Following the software-based, highly reproducible migration of models or diagrams, a thorough quality assurance process checks on the quality of the results before they are delivered to the customer.

To date, a number of BPM-X customers in many industries, banking, and government have already begun subscribing to this service, all of which have seen both impressive results and a fast ROI.

For further information on the BPM-X Model Migration Service, please contact us.

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