TransWare offers new translation tools and services for ARIS 7.x, 9.x conversion to Visio® 2010, 2013, 2016 and many other tools

TransWare offers translation tools and services to link BPM modeling tools and convert model meta-data including the diagram graphics. Any ARIS 7.x and 9.x projects can be translated to various other modeling tools like Visio 2010 or 2013. The translation comprises all diagram-types including model meta-data and graphics of the original tool.

The translation for ARIS® 7.x and 9.x to Microsoft Visio® 2010 and 2013 allows the   seamless migration of complete ARIS installations into the Microsoft world. The ARIS models will be fully translated and mapped 1:1 into the widely used Microsoft Visio tool. As Microsoft Visio® is very familiar for both IT and Office users it is acknowledged as a competitive alternative to costly and more complex modeling tools like ARIS® the more so as it provides a fully equivalent representation of the original models and diagrams. Model data and diagram graphics can be stored either in Windows filesystem, in Microsoft SharePoint® or in MSQL database.
The translation comprises all custom data and symbols of the ARIS® Filter and Template. The resulting deliverables in Visio are identical to the ARIS originals in all aspects of data and appearance.
The so-called BPM X® Designer is an optional Visio® add-on that comes with a unique synthesis of intuitive simplicity in business diagram design along with the rigid enforcement of process modeling standards ensured with an intrinsic control of consistency of modeling languages such as EPC or BPMN. More details can be found at the product website. Learn more about the simple and easy way of translating ARIS® to Visio® from the blog post and video at .

TransWare AG develops and markets the BPM-X® product suite  BPM-X® is an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software specialized in model and diagram translations. It offers the integration of non-transactional data between a variety of modeling tools, formats and methodologies.

Microsoft, Visio and SharePoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc., USA. ARIS is a registered trademarks of Software AG, Germany and other countries.


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