Visio 2013 integration with HP ALM for on-premise and cloud solutions

Surveys from leading analysts tell that Microsoft Visio® is the tool that is used for more than 70% of business process management (BPM) scenarios. In complex IT applications like SAP® ERP or Oracle® ERP projects, consultancies and system-integrators create business blueprint documentation with Microsoft Visio®. With the integration of Visio® into the leading test-management suite HP ALM, TransWare has closed the so far open gap between requirements and process management on one side and the test management and application delivery of complex IT applications on the other side.

TransWare has developed the BPM-X® tool that translates Visio® business process diagrams into a set of test cases. This business process driven testing approach is also known as model-based testing (MBT). MBT runs an analysis of the process diagrams and calculates the set of possible process execution paths. The number of generated paths is controlled by fine-tuned test-cases coverage algorithms. Each paths is converted by BPM-X® into a valid test case with test steps (also known as test script) to be conducted for test execution. The test cases include data for functional requirements, test and execution hints, execution roles and much more test related data. This approach is a white-box testing and is used for user acceptance testing (UAT) in the scope of integration and regression testing.
Main benefits of this agile development approach are

  • Establish full traceability from business (functional) requirements to solution delivery with no media and logical breaks
  • Lower time and cost efforts for the preparation of test cases and identification of test data
  • Improve solution quality and reduce project risks in complex application delivery scenarios with the right (number of) test cases
  • Establish project governance and controlled change-request management with sophisticated analytic reporting of business process models, test cases, requirements and data

For the management of test-cases and requirements, the leading tool HP ALM is integrated using REST web services. There is support of HP ALM 11.x and 12.x including cloud. The test cases are linked to functional requirements for managing the requirements coverage. For the next release of test-cases generation, TransWare is developing the automated calculation of logical pre-conditions to determine valid data for test execution. Today it is quite impossible to manually oversee all logical conditions to select the right testing data for the execution of a specific path.  The mentioned new TransWare feature will automate this process and significantly lower the efforts to determine the right data for testing.
Besides HP ALM the tools JIRA® from Atlassian and Microsoft Excel® are also supported for testing. In addition to Microsoft Visio® all leading modeling tools in the market such as CaseWise®, Oracle BPA, ARIS®, System Architect®, Sparx Enterprise Architect, IBM BlueWorks Life and many more are supported. Additional tools can be integrated on demand with the help of plug-in adapters.

TransWare is a HP, SAP, IBM and Microsoft partner, located in Germany and US. TransWare develops the BPM-X® tool to establish a seamless software development lifecycle (SDLC) with a best-of-breed approach for tools and methodologies. The BPM-X® tool implements a translation and transformation model bus to incorporate standard tools from different vendors from the blueprinting to the testing phases of the SDLC. TransWare offers free trial licenses to be requested at


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