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Applying the SOA best-of-breed approach using the most relevant toolsets. There are a many BPM scenarios where organizations have to deal with BPM tools from different vendors to build a BPM landscape.

ROI Improvement in Building Your BPM Landscape

Applying the SOA best-of-breed approach using relevant toolsets, there are a many BPM scenarios where organizations have to deal with BPM tools from different vendors to build a BPM landscape.

Examples for such BPM disciplines are

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Business Process Management Systems (BPM(S))
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • Governance-Compliance-Risc (GRC)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Cooperate Performance Management (CPM)
  • Process Publishing and Governance

Even if vendors claim  that they have one solution for almost all BPM disciplines, the initial situation typically is that BPM tools already exist in your BPM landscape, or the business departments are planning to deploy additional BPM tools for their specific BPM requirements.

The ROI in building a BPM landscape can be improved by

  • reusing existing process models from different BPM tools in your BPM and SOA projects, which protects your investments
  • Keeping existing tools rather than replacing them with new tools reduces software investments and  training efforts, and preserves the productivity of experiences users
  • Linking tools allows smooth migration of BPM tools rather radical changes and breaks in a project
  • Using efficient BPM tools with optimized usability for business users reduces license costs and minimizes training efforts.

BPM-Xchange® offers genuine universal business process model transformation for carrying out highly sophisticated BPM conversions between a variety of tools and modeling languages. BPM-Xchange® can import all popular BPM formats and standards with a set of predefined adapters and templates. The software is highly flexible configurable and can be adjusted for the needs of your specific BPM-environment.

Note: BPM is widely known as Business Process Management

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