Enterprise Architecture

BPM-X offers an webservices based enterprise architecture repository and collaborative modeling tool based on Microsoft Visio®. It is designed to store various model types, documents, business processes, applications, technology components as well as organizational units. Requirements or business goals are managed as repository objects, artifacts and architecture building blocks in a scalable and truly object inventory.

The repository delivers extensive capabilities to document, blueprint, manage, monitor, analyze and report on an enterprise architecture and it supports the enterprise’s business transformation and the transition from business to IT.

Major premises for enterprise architecture

BPM-X focuses clear premises and objectives to support enterprise architecture initiatives of an organization:

  • Deliver business value
    Driven by a business perspective, the BPM-X approach is based on a clear description of organization and business objectives. The overall enterprise architecture solution integrates a complete business architecture perspective to handle business strategy, expected capabilities and business motivation models.
  • Plan the transformation of business and IT organization
    With organizations facing increased complexity of business and technology changes, the management of large transformation projects requires new approaches to organize change management and describe effective paths from as-is to target models. BPM-X therefore integrates Application Portfolio Management (APM) and IT transformation capabilities and thus facilitates planning and analysis of any change scenario for existing application and IT infrastructures.
  • Create transparency for better communication and fact-based decisions
    EA initiatives more and more involve business stakeholders within the organization. It has become a very important aspect of a solution to address the different needs of each user.

Frameworks and best practices

Enterprise architecture frameworks define how to organize the structure and views associated with the enterprise business, IT and application architecture. With a truly open meta-model and neutral repository we support all leading enterprise architecture frameworks such as Zachmann, DoDAF, MODAF, NAF or TOGAF®, best practice frameworks like APQC® with the Process Capability Framework (PCF), eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operations Map) or SCOR® (The Supply-Chain Operations Reference model) or modeling languages such as ArchiMate®, BPMN or ARIS.

TOGAF® and ArchiMate®

The solution consists of a preconfigured repository designed to allow for a very quick start with TOGAF® 9. It is built around the Architecture Definition Model (ADM) and contains a complete set of TOGAF® deliverables and artifact types (MS Office document templates & Visio model templates). The solution is also aligned to the appropriate phases of the ADM, like views and matrix reports, meta-data to monitor data against a time horizon or, building block status information and other key TOGAF® measures. The integrity of the enterprise architecture content is ensured by a full versioning mechanism.

  • Implemented TOGAF® 9 content meta-model
  • TOGAF® artifact and deliverable templates
  • ArchiMate modeling language

Highlights of BPM-X EA  

BPM-X is built on the Microsoft product stack such as Microsoft Office, Visio, SQL Server and SharePoint, available as on-premise or cloud solution:

  • Use standard and define custom modeling language
    BPM-X employs a truly open meta-model that can be linked to a standard or custom visual notation.
  • Manage standard frameworks and meta-models
    The BPM-X repository uses a template approach with a library of predefined standards that significantly speeds up EA initiatives.
  • Extensible flexible meta-data
    By using an Administrator tool new meta-data can be added as needed to the modeling language to capture data in attributes and have them analyzed and reported.
  • Build views and viewpoints
    With the open meta-model BPM-X allows to quickly create new visual diagrams and individual data views to manage and control all artifacts of the object repository.
  • Exchange data, synchronize information & convert from other tools
    With its BPM-X Enterprise Application Integration component BPM-X offers the only open repository in the EA market.
  • Dependency tracking and 'what if' analysis
    The repository links all models and objects to a comprehensive view of the business-, application and IT architecture of an organization.
  • Windows Explorer style model and document structure
    Manage and use the repository for navigation with a repository explorer similar to the standard Windows explorer style.
  • Authorizations
    Allows enterprise architects, stakeholders or analysts required and specific access to information including sensible data. Access can be controlled down to the very detailed attribute data level.
  • Change management
    Assign change tags and resubmission dates to model data to control and govern changes.
  • Search and filtering
    Quickly find models and objects with a strong query engine by simply searching for names or attribute values.
  • Publishing and browser access to the EA repository
    Publish the content of the repository using HTML or the SharePoint platform
  • Reporting and data analysis
    Using the repository with a business data layer allows web based analysis and publishing of data in Office formats.

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