We live in a global world of complex end-to-end processes and increased demands for optimized business processes and policy compliance. With a set of well proved templates, tools along with project and process management methodologies you can manage your clients SoA and BPM projects.

In these complex scenarios, BPM-Xchange® helps you with a quick project startup using your preferred BPM tools and templates linking into the current BPM landscape. In the  case of SAP® ERP projects, BPM-Xchange® helps you to analyze existing SAP® solutions for ERP key indicators such as the standardization, degree of customizing or utilization of ERP transactions, etc.

Focus Group

The BPM-Xchange® product suite addresses and supports the BPM activities of:

  • BPM consultancies

  • BPM service providers

  • System integrators


Business Cases

Common business cases you may be faced with are:

  • Business process optimization projects to optimize your clients processes
  • Implementation of BPM(S) technologies and workflow systems
  • Governance-Compliance-Risk (GRC) projects for e.g. SOX, FDA, ISO
  • Implementation of ERP applications
  • SOA projects and accompanying BPM projects


The challenges you have to deal with are

  • Mastering heterogeneous BPM landscapes for EA, BPA and BPM(S) with a set of different BPM tools
  • Training and support costs for your consultants by complex BPA tools and changing BPM tools in projects
  • Deploying proven methodologies and configurations to your client's organization
  • Leverage existing BPM process documentation in your projects
  • Adapt and develop suitable BPM approaches for specifc project configurations


BPM-Xchange® "bridges the gap" between leading EA, BPA and BPM(S) tools by exchanging models between BPM tools.

  • Convert existing process model documentation into your preferred BPM tools
  • Use your standard BPM tools for your  template based approach
  • Continue to work in your project environment with your preferred BPM tools
  • Submit the deliverables in an appropriate BPM frmat, e.g. Visio® or HTML in case of clients which have no specific BPM environment  of their own
  • Drive the BPM approach through easy web publishing


The implementation of BPM within your client's organizations offers the opportunity to switch from pure functional requirements management to real business driven process implementations, and establish high valuable process excellence procedures.

  • Acceleration of the project start process by interlinking existing BPM tools
  • Lowering project costs by reusing existing process documentations
  • Standardizing BPM procedures using template approaches
  • Reducing TCO by more favourable  license fee structures with lower maintenance costs
  • Minimizing training requirements for your consultants and BPM support costs

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