TM Forum Frameworx for Sparx Systems(tm) Enterprise Architect

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TM Forum Frameworx is an enterprise architecture framework for telecom and digital service provider industries, it embraces eTOM, TAM, and SID. TM Forum is the organization that owns the intellectual property on Frameworx and continuously maintains its contents. TransWare AG, as a member and partner of TM Forum, has made Frameworx accessible to the leading modeling tool Sparx Systems™ Enterprise Architect (EA). Our product TM Forum Frameworx for Enterprise Architect is two things: A one-to-one translation of the Frameworx source to EA and a Frameworx add-in for EA. The Frameworx EA model currently includes the meta-data-rich diagram and element contents of eTOM, TAM, and partly SID. TM Forum members can order TM Forum Frameworx for Enterprise Architect here. All you need is EA as of version 12 or higher.

The model translation is achieved with TransWare’s flagship product BPM-X Converter using a tailored mapping configuration targeting EA. The automated translation takes into account the source model contents and generates an EA model with packages, diagrams, elements, and meta-data as EAP file.

Built upon UML™ profiles and Sparx Systems’ MDG Technology, the EA add-in provides specific modeling capabilities, notations, and toolboxes where necessary–while relying on standard BPMN™ 2.0 business process diagrams where possible. As a result, enterprise architecture modelers may productively start working on Frameworx in its different domains.

That said, let us have a look at Frameworx in EA. The well-known entry-level diagram is All Frameworx Start Here:

Sparx FX 17 Start

Fig. 1: Frameworx in EA showing the entry-level diagram

The package structure of the model reflects the sub-frameworks eTOM, TAM, and SID (partly). Related diagrams are contained in packages whose names correspond to the according diagram types. So, you can for instance see eTOM diagram packages of different types and levels (1, 2, …). We have also added packages for Mappings (eTOM to SID), Metrics (Business Metrics) and Miscellaneous other diagrams:

SPARX FX 17 Explorer

Fig. 2: EA Project Browser with packages, diagrams, and elements

Frameworx elements can be explored in a list view:

SPARX FX 17 Occurrences

Fig. 3: Elements of a diagram

The value of Frameworx not only is reflected in diagrams, but also in the element meta-data which are translated as tagged values:

SPARX FX 17 eTOM attributes 1 SPARX FX 17 eTOM attributes 2

Fig. 4: Properties dialog with Frameworx meta-data

On a high level eTOM processes are shown with hyperlinks to child diagrams on lower levels:


Fig. 5: eTOM processes

Clicking on a hierarchy link or child diagram icon allows you to navigate to lower levels:

SPARX FX 17 assignment

Fig. 6: Hyperlinks for drill-downs to lower levels

All Frameworx diagrams have a specific diagram type. Whenever possible, the standard BPMN™ 2.0 diagram type business process diagram is used:


Fig. 7: eTOM level 3 business process

With a drill-down you navigate to level 4:


Fig. 8: eTOM level 4 business process

The full application framework (TAM) is provided:


Fig. 9: TAM level 1

A drill-down to level 2 leads for instance to this diagram:


Fig. 10: TAM level 2

And yet another drill-down leads to level 3:


Fig. 11: TAM level 3

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