Increase productivity of your ARIS® tooling

This solution addresses the compliant integration of process models using Microsoft® Visio® and SharePoint® with the ARIS® platform. Optimize your TCO by saving costs without loss of functionality.


Example for linking ARIS with Visio.

More flexibility for enterprise analysis and modeling

Enterprise architecture (EA) or business process management (BPM) is a collaborative corporate effort and involves different types of users. Process owners, consultants or business analysts mostly favor easy-to-use tools for e.g. process mapping or managing changes. Enterprise architects or process engineers may prefer more complex modeling suites like ARIS®.

BPM-Xchange® is an enterprise integration, modeling and analysis suite which offers the accessibility and the familiar comfort of Microsoft® Office Visio® aligned with a strong methodical control and modeling safety typically only found in much more expensive tools. Apart from that, the BPM-X Designer seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® SharePoint® technology with an optional model repository and comes at a highly competitive price.
Flexibility and real openness make BPM-Xchange® an attractive choice for many enterprise management initiatives.

Benefits of using BPM-Xchange® together with ARIS®

There are a number of good strategic and economic reasons to consider BPM-X Designer.

Strategic advantages

  • Have satisfied users and simplify your project lifecycle.
  • Enhance the acceptance for your initiative by including business users and process owners.
  • Boost your productivity as a result of increased usability for process modelers.
  • High level of conformity with respect to modeling standards (e.g. BPMN™, ARIS® method, VAC, EPC, FAD etc.).
  • BPM-Xchange supports Microsoft’s cloud offerings (Azure™, Office 365™).

Economic profits

  • Optimize your license fee structure and maintenance efforts by using enhanced Visio® for professional modeling and process mapping.
  • Lower training and support costs.
  • Optimize your TCO for ARIS® based enterprise management landscapes.
  • Attractive pricing even for small budgets.

Use cases we focus with this solution

BPM-Xchange® allows to build scalable EA and BPM solutions: starting with Visio® on a consultant’s notebook up to a full-blown enterprise repository with governance workflows, versioning, and analysis tools.

Export the ARIS® database to Visio®
Often project deliverables have to be created in Microsoft® Visio® format. The data can be exported from ARIS® by simply using the standard ARIS® XML export which creates an ARIS® markup language XML file. BPM-Xchange® reads this file (and some configuration data describing the modeling conventions) and creates the Visio® files on-the-fly with the ARIS® look & feel and folder structures.

Migrate from legacy Visio® to ARIS®
BPM-X’s strong conversion engine transforms any model formats like Visio® into the ARIS® format much better than native ARIS® does. While converting the data, the clever engine translates the Visio® stencil into an ARIS® convention. This allows for the harmonization of model data from different diagram types into ARIS® standards.

Employ Visio® as a smart front-end
When using the BPM-X Designer plug-in, Visio® is extended for full modeling support. Extended Visio® can handle ARIS® object definitions, occurrences, special data attributes, model assignments and drill-downs, multiple content languages, method language, model types like BPMN 2.0 and any kind of ARIS® model types including swim lane-based ones. BPM-X pushes Visio® to the level of a professional modeling tool without changing the spirit of Visio®.

Process bi-directional integration
With BPM-X’s powerful integration capabilities, Visio® can be seamlessly linked with ARIS®. Data is mirrored from ARIS® to Visio® and back.

Publishing ARIS® data to open formats
It is convenient to use BPM-X for the publishing of ARIS® data with HTML, SharePoint® or web-based reporting.

Replace ARIS® by the BPM-X solution
ARIS® is fully replaced by using the BPM-Xchange® enterprise repository based on SharePoint® and Microsoft® SQL Server®.

Products used to build solutions

BPM-X delivers turnkey solutions for quick deployment in the client’s tool landscape out of the shelf, optimized business value with low project risk and TCO. Manifold solution scenarios can flexibly be built with BPM-X software components:

  • BPM-X Designer for professional modeling compatible with ARIS® formats, standards, and conventions.
  • BPM-X Converter as software bridge to build migration and integration scenarios with ARIS® and Microsoft® tools.
  • BPM-X Browser for publishing model data to intranets using plain HTML or optionally SharePoint® document libraries.
  • BPM-X Administrator to manage modeling conventions such as ARIS® filters, based on our open meta-model.
  • BPM-X Reporting Services for web-based and office integrated, professional enterprise reporting of model data.
  • BPM-X Repository based on SharePoint® and MS SQL for optionally setting up a professional enterprise repository.

You will learn how to

  • leverage your existing modeling landscape and investments in data while saving license and maintenance costs
  • use Visio® as a professional, ARIS®-compliant modeling tool
  • satisfy the needs of process owners, consultants, and analysts
  • build your own solution with a best-of-breed approach for a mixed environment using ARIS® together with Visio®or SAP®


 “The BPM-X solution significantly reduces your license and maintenance costs but also gets the commitment of your business users compared to an ARIS® only solution.”


Smart integration with SharePoint®



Web-based enterprise reporting


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