Business Process Intelligence

Transparency and governance of business processes

BPM-X offers an open platform to leverage existing process repositories for the publishing of enterprise and business architecture and sharing workflows as well as operational information with business lines. There is no need to recapture or rework process documentation as the BPM-X Universal Translation toolkit connects to all leading EA and BPM platforms. Therefore the publishing does not depend on existing modeling toolkits.
The main approach of BPM-X is to reduce complexity and to simplify content in a way that gains acceptance by business lines. Hence BPM-X offers a toolbox to transform complex flows in easy to read diagrams and text.

Business Process Publishing

In many organizations valuable enterprise meta-information about business processes is managed by architects, but not shared with business lines. Often architects exhibit high-resolution thinking magnifying procedures down to an abstract level which are unfortunately unaccompanied by business operations nor aligned with the technical workflows implemented by IT. The keystone element of success is to align business architecture with workflows and operations thereby gaining momentum to govern daily business and avoiding misunderstanding between business process participants.

Business Process Diagram

Fig.1 Business process diagram with traffic lights icons as visual KPI indicators for each task

Strategic benefits are:

  • Spread the word of BPM for better collaboration and more compliance with business and legal rules
  • Create transparency, spread relevant information to align employees with planned and running business initiatives.
  • Capturing business knowledge from process owners and stakeholders providing; consumable feedback to process management
  • Continuous improvement of documentation and improved process maturity by sharing relevant process information with owners allowing for feedbacks.
  • Align the triangle of business architecture, technical workflows and operations to increase process performance efficiency.
  • Receive early commitments from business stakeholders for organizational changes triggered by BPM-driven projects.

Technical note:  The publishing is web based using latest technologies like HTML5 or integration with Microsoft SharePoint® using SharePoint® web parts. The publishing of business processes is not limited to just displaying diagrams of a model. It includes analytic reporting, integration into Microsoft Office and operational documents as well.

Dynamic performance data publishing

The classical business intelligence approach is to look back at the history of business. This approach does not quite put the “finger on the living pulse of business”. The BPM-X solution for visualization of performance data follows the concept of operational business intelligence. A near-time dynamic business analytics delivers visibility and insight into data, streaming events and business operations. This approach is generic and not dependent on specific industries or business domains.

Business Chart with Performance Data

Fig.2 Business performance data for historical data

BPM-X meshes business performance data from various data sources with models coming from business process repositories. Business dashboards are based on near-time data, multi-dimensional analysis, big data analytics and event analysis with drill-down from end-to-end business processes views over a decomposition of procedures through to operations. Process models from any modeling tool can be synced with business analytics data using data markers to show key performance indicators (KPI) correlated to business tasks and processes.

Strategic benefits are:

  • Dynamic business process driven views provide  management information more rapidly and accurately than static reports on historical data
  • Active control and monitoring established over business processes builds objective foundation for process owners and management decisions
  • Combining business processes and process performance allows closer and tighter loop-back between process owners and business operations.
  • Faster reaction on business events enabling a more agile business posture

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