Process Model Publishing

Web publishing of business process and IT information is a significant factor for the success and acceptance of business and IT initiatives. The BPM-X Browser software makes this information available to all project team members, business stakeholders, and process owners within your organization.


Share process documentation with the business


This includes business process diagrams, documentation such as Word®, Excel® or PDF, meta-data and linked diagrams as well.

Features for BPM-X Browser are

  • Publishing of the entire enterprise architecture and business process models.
  • Easy navigation by folders, model assignments and linking.
  • Step-less scaling of diagrams inside the web browser.
  • Attributes for each diagram element.
  • Feedback function for business users included.

Benefits of using BPM-X software products

We transparently connect all tools and platforms deployed in the enterprise and allow a wider reuse of existing information.

Strategic advantages

  • Spreading of relevant information to business lines aligns people and business initiatives.
  • Receiving early commitment of business stakeholders for organizational changes triggered by BPM-driven projects.
  • Improvement of process maturity by sharing relevant process information with process owners allowing for feedbacks.

Economic profits

  • Minimal requirements for training and application support.
  • Static HTML publishing easily deploys into existing intranet using standard internet technology.
  • Easily adapt look & feel of published information to the corporate identity and design.

Use cases we focus with BPM-X Browser

Static publishing with HTML

The BPM-X Browser supports several configurations for publishing. Static HTML publishing of business process data is done by the generation of web pages with diagram graphics included. This comprises model data with attributes, step-less zooming due to SVG (scalable vector graphics) technology and notification capability using the standard email client for user feedbacks.

Publishing with Microsoft® SharePoint®

With the seamless integration into Microsoft® SharePoint®, BPM-X Browser can publish all information into SharePoint® document libraries. This integration permits to define access rights on SharePoint® folders to partition information for different user groups. When using ARIS®, the authorizations can be replicated into SharePoint® document libraries to reduce the effort for user right management. By using document libraries, several content languages can be supported simultaneously.

Dynamic publishing

When using the BPM-X Repository, all published web pages can be generated on-demand. Approval workflows are supported in combination with Microsoft® SharePoint® workflows for process governance. Models with approved status are published to permit access by business users. Access rights are supported to partition information for different user groups and to separate sensitive data found in documents. By using several methods for a single repository, specific model information can be hidden from users such as risk symbols or application data to reduce diagram complexity. Standard notations such as BPMN™, UML® or ARIS® method are supported as well as custom symbols.



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