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    Model and Diagram Translation

    The BPM-X© Converter tool translates models and diagrams between different tools, formats and standards. The Converter tool is based of the BPM-X© model exchange bus using plug-in adapters to connect to tools and repositories. It uses an object-based mapping together with a pattern-based transformation to convert between very different constructs and concepts. BPM-X© establishes a clever exchange and translation of model and meta-data including the graphical information like diagrams and viewpoints for all the different modeling languages (EPC, BPMN, ...) and frameworks (DoDAF, NAF, Zachmann, ArchiMate, ...).

    BPM X Model Diagram Translation

    Use-cases for BPM-X Universal Translator

    Build an integrated enterprise management landscape

    Company acquisitions and mergers, reorganizations, streamlining and harmonizing of business processes and the need for more agile IT support of the business typically trigger requirements for enterprise management tool landscapes.
    In our global economy business challenges urge companies to be more dynamic and flexible. Structural changes within the company and the need for an optimization of the IT support of business lines create a complicated tool landscape.
    The BPM-X software product suite is especially designed to satisfy a growing demand for efficient IT solutions in such scenarios.
    BPM-X offers a unique solution that goes far beyond any ETL (extract, transform and load) or standard EAI-based (enterprise application integration) approach.

    Benefits of using BPM-X software products

    BPM-X transparently connects all tools and platforms deployed in your enterprise and in this way allows for a wide reuse of information. Moreover BPM-X products facilitate painless tool upgrades and a smart linking of information between different systems.

    Strategic advantages
    • Independence from a single tool vendor and flexibility in deciding for a best-of-breed approach maintaining complex enterprise management landscapes.
    • Connect tools in a challenging EA, BPM and ERP landscape for a best-of-breed approach.
    • Enhancement of information quality for a better collaboration.
    • More agile IT for better business.
    Economic profits
    • Substantial time and money savings as a result of an automatic exchange of information.
    • Cost reduction by enabling the coexistence of appropriate tools optimized for specific tasks.
    • Reduction of license fees and maintenance efforts, training and support costs.

    Use cases focused with the Universal Translator


    If existing tools need to be replaced or data have to be reused or published by alternative products, using BPM-X provides a fast, safe and cost-efficient way for data migration. Model-, master-, and meta-data or diagrams from any specific information source or tool are converted into the desired destination formats.

    In the past, customers have repeatedly been requesting a more cost-efficient alternative to the traditional, manual recapturing or scripting for the exchange of data between different formats. BPM-X is our highly cost-effective answer to these requests. BPM-X is capable of handling any size of project in terms of the number of templates, models, objects, shapes, and data like attributes or properties. With a high success rate existing data are available in new formats using the BPM-X Converter transformation technology.


    BPM-X is a new kind of integration software specialized in model data and diagram graphics translation and exchange. It offers seamless interoperability between systems with typically non-transactional data for a variety of tools, formats, and industry standards.

    A uni-directional or bi-directional integration establishes a productive collaboration of business and IT teams within tightly integrated environments. This includes a manifold of tool and repository data sources from domains like EA (enterprise architecture), BPA (business process analysis), BPMS (business process management suites), GRC (governance, risk and compliance), ERP (enterprise resource planning), data and software design, simulation, test management, CMDBs and others.

    BPM X Model Diagram Translate Example

    Example for translation of a OpenText® ProVision Workflow-modeler diagram to ARIS® swimlane diagram-type.

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