Business Process Modeling with Visio

BPM-X Designer extends Microsoft Visio® into a professional modeling tool for Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis.

Business Process Modeling with Visio

Streamline your business process modeling landscape

Enterprise architecture (EA) and business process modeling (BPM) are collaborative corporate efforts and involve different types of users and tools. Process owners and business analysts favor Office-based tools for quickly mapping their processes.

The BPM-X Designer is a professional business process modeling tool that provides the accessibility and familiar comfort of Microsoft® Office Visio® aligned with a strong methodical control and modeling safety typically found only in expensive tools. Apart from that, the BPM-X Designer seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® SharePoint® technology and arbitrary BPM suites. It offers an optional model repository and comes at a highly competitive price.
This flexible openness makes the BPM-X Designer an attractive choice for many business scenarios.

Strategic advantages

  • Satisfy users and simplify the project lifecycle.
  • Enhance the BPM acceptance by including business users and process owners.
  • Boost business productivity as a result of increased usability for process modelers.
  • High level of conformity with respect to modeling standards (e.g. BPMN™, ARIS® method).
  • Support for Microsoft’s cloud offerings (Windows® Azure™, Office 365™)

Economic profits

  • Optimize the license fee structure and maintenance efforts by enhancing Visio® for efficient method-compliant process modeling and mapping.
  • Lower training and support costs.
  • Optimize the TCO for ARIS®-based BPM landscapes.
  • Attractive pricing even for small budgets.

Use cases we focus with BPM-X Designer

BPM-X Designer easily aligns with your requirements. If you wish to go beyond mere drawing with plain Visio® and have a coherent modeling in mind, you may simply start with BPM-X Designer as a stand-alone tool.

The modeling rule engine will assist you in many ways to comply with your favored modeling language: have real diagram types like EPC, value-added chain diagram, organizational chart, or a BPMN diagram; more than 200 diagram types and swim lanes come out of the box. Do not think about using the wrong shapes in a diagram, the rule engine takes care. It also controls where proper semantic connections between shapes are permitted and where not. Maintain diagram and shape attributes representing real data types (string, integer, Boolean, date, time etc.).

You wish to exchange your BPM-X Designer diagrams with a high-end platform like ARIS® or get your Oracle® BPA models into BPM-X Designer? Or use the Designer as a front-end for a different platform? No problem, you are ready! Process owners and analysts may use Visio® plus the Designer while they are linked to their high-end modeling colleagues on a different platform.

The BPM-X Designer supports multiple GUI languages, permits the use of parallel content languages for your business processes, allows for model validations, has a Modeling and Assignment Assistant and is aware of the distinction between object definitions and occurrence copies of your shapes.

For enterprise use, on-premise integration with Microsoft® SharePoint® or on-demand using Azure™ and Office 365™ is available in combination with a model repository for a highly collaborative multi-user environment.

Business Process Modeling with Visio

You will learn how to

  • Leverage your existing modeling landscape while saving license and maintenance costs
  • Use Visio® as a high-end modeling tool
  • Integrate your high-end modeling platform(s) with a Visio®-based, method-compliant modeling tool
  • Satisfy the needs of process owners and analysts
  • Make Visio® a front-end for ARIS® and other platforms


“The BPM-X Designer has a major impact on EA and process modeling. You will not only significantly reduce your license and maintenance costs but also get the commitment of your business users!”


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