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    In a global, complex and fast changing business world, we need robust and straightforward  tools to hide the complexity and improve the communication of human and technical participants within the BPM process.

    Focus Group

    BPM-Xchange® offers business decision makers a unique solution to optimize the BPM Process.

    • Business decision makers  (CTO, CIO, CXO)
    • Business executives and managers
    • Business process owners  and stakeholders

    Business Cases

    In global and competitive environments, business decision makers have to support the operational processes with :

    • Consequences of new management requirements
    • Business process optimization
    • Changed business policies for transparency
    • Enterprise acquisitions and mergers
    • Business outsourcing with process segregation
    • Enterprise reporting for executives and managers


    Global competition causes cost pressures and the need for continuous improvement of business processes. The implementation of business requirements into a BPM landscape imposes challenges such as:

    • Alignment of the IT with business requirements
    • Establish Process Excellence and genuine Business Process Governance
    • Improve the Business Process Maturity
    • Transparency of business workflows
    • Cost efficient implementation of business requirements


    Continuous business process management (BPM) is most efficiently carried out in a distributed modeling environment.

    • BPM experts and enterprise architects employ complex, professional BPM tools for the analysis, optimization, simulation and execution of business processes.
    • Business process owners will prefer the use of easy modeling tools to add their specific process knowledge to the BPM models.

    In this scenario, BPM‑Xchange® closes the gap between the different process worlds and tools, by establishing a seamless process model exchange across all involved participants.


    Working with BPM-Xchange® offers advantages to implement process excellence for your business:

    • Protection of your investments by migrating existing process documentation into state of the art process models.
    • Usage of the most relevant tool for the specific BPM participants lowers the costs for training and application support
    • Optimization of license cost structure and annual maintenance costs using method-compliant Office tools for BPM modeling
    • Improvement of the process quality and increased BPM overall productivity with a combination of  easy to use BPM tools for business users.
    • Transparent business transactions are of crucial importance for established business value, especially on crisis times when the key industry deficit is deficit of trust. Clear detailed business landscape often means for investors more than the actual enterprise performance.

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