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    IBM® Rational® System Architect® linked with IBM® Rational® Quality Manager® (RQM) for model-based testing (MBT)

    Kaiserslautern, 20 Mar 2013

    For the successful delivery of e-business or complex ERP projects as well as for the management of business process requirements the discipline and methodology of BPM is invaluable. Requirements are gathered from the business in a project's blueprinting phase by creating process models on a business activity level with business process analysis (BPA) tools. Because of the complexity of supporting business processes through and integrating them into applications, user acceptance, integration and non-regression testing are essential quality assurance (QA) concepts. The preparation of test plans is a
    time-consuming task which requires qualified and costly project team resources. BPM-X has developed a methodology based upon an adaptive software tool solution which re-uses business process models and thus links business knowledge captured in the blueprinting phase to continuous testing (hence MBT). Generating an appropriate test case coverage for business processes is important in gaining the required quality, lowering project costs, risks and negative business impacts of insufficiently tested applications.

    IBM® Rational® System Architect® is a modeling and analytic tool for enterprise architecture and business process analysis. System Architect® enables organizations to plan, control, visualize and make better business decisions.

    IBM® Rational® Quality Manager® (RQM) is a tool suite addressing quality and test management for value-driven software delivery. RQM drives collaboration and productivity across the quality lifecycle enabling teams to seamlessly share information, to use automation to accelerate project schedules, and to report on project metrics for informed release decisions.

    BPM-X now offers the integration of System Architect® with RQM. Process models can be created with System Architect® using your favorite template like BPMN™ modeling methodology and then be imported into RQM for further QA-related processing. Converting the process models into the RQM import format, the BPM-X software bridge offers the automated generation of test plans with test cases included using the model-based testing methodology. The link also permits users of IBM® BlueWorks Live™ (ex-Lombardi Blueprint) and IBM® WebSphere® Business Modeler to re-use business process models to generate test plans with test cases and import these into IBM RQM.


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