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    Improve your EA and BPM Landscape

    Company Acquisitions and Mergers, Integration of Business Units, or Business Process Optimization provides  the need to consolidate and integrate existing BPM tools for a smaller BPM footprint

    Improve your EA and BPM project landscape

    Company Acquisitions and Mergers, integration of business units or Business Process Optimization raises the need to consolidate and integrate EA and BPM tools within a your IT landscape.

    Business challenges cause companies to be very dynamic. A successful company rarely has a static structure. Structural changes inside the company, frequent mergers and acquisitions create a  complicated landscape for IT managers  EA and BPM tools, are designed to work universally for the company with smooth workflows and integrity in the turbulent environment of a modern market.

    BPM-Xchange® is specifically designed to satisfy a growing demand for a flexible BPM environment. BPM-Xchange® transparently unifies all specific BPM tools and process execution platforms deployed over the enterprise and allows for a wide reuse and gradual upgrade of the existing infrastructure. This steady evolution cuts licensing and educational costs, creates a comfortable environment for every worker and, in many cases, permits replacing tedious and expensive professional BPM tools with lighter but fully compliant BPM-Xchange® components.

    On one side you will have an initial BPM project situation with a set of existing BPM tools, on the other hand if you plan to replace and existing BPM tools or to implement a new BPM tool, you will have to migrate the existing content into the new tool formats. To protect your organization's investments in existing process documentation, BPM-Xchange® helps you to convert existing tool content formats into new formats for a seamless exchange of process models.

    A typical project situation encountered by System-Integrators is that clients have a large set of BPM applications from various vendors.

    BPM-Xchange simplifies your BPM project by

    • Using your favorite EA and BPM tools for consulting and integration projects

    • Providing the BPM deliverables in your client's specific tool formats

    • Importing existing process models from your client into your own project toolset

    • Reducing the amount of existing toolsets in your own organization in compliance with your EA and BPM strategy

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