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Business challenges motivate companies to be more agile. Company acquisitions and mergers or integration of business units are necessitating consolidation programs. Streamlining and harmonization of business processes require continuous reworking of enterprise and business architectures. A common situation is that across the breadth of organizations varying tools are deployed in attempts to orchestrate and master business challenges. Rather than being productive this fact decreases the synergistic prospects between organizational units and/or business amongst partners; they are not consuming or sharing the same information, concepts and therefore language because of media gaps.

The reason is elementary; all tool vendors like to manage data, but are not really willing to provide ways to share it, for concern that their tool could be easily replaced by other tools if they would actually become open. Often tools offer a “tick the box” functionality with limited range of function: “yes we can import and yes we can export”. But looking into the specific details we realize that exchange standards are on the whole not fully implemented, vendor specific functionality is added or simply concepts are left out so that a valid from “A to B” claim can be made.

BPM X Link Tools

Disciplines where BPM-X helps Business and IT establish a more agile stance and avoid the mentioned media gaps include:

  • Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)
  • Business Process Analysis and Management (BPA, BPM)
  • Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)
  • Operational Business Intelligence (OBI)
  • Governance-Risk-Compliance (GRC)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Cooperate Performance Management (CPM)
  • Process Governance and Excellence

We call the different modeling and execution tools in those areas simply Enterprise Management tools.  
So what is the answer, should a firm scrap all its tools, decide on one to use for everyone and pay for its purchase, installation and training enterprise wide?  The few who have taken this route find disgruntled, resistant workers who now produce less.
The answer to the growing demands for workplace agility and productivity is BPM-X’s Universal Translation tool and Open Repository for implementing a consolidated and integrated Enterprise Management tool landscape.

Universal Model Translation

The BPM-X Universal Translation tool deploys a model conversion and exchange bus in the tool landscape of an organization. It links different Enterprise Management tools together using tool specific plug & play adapters. This builds a hub-and-spoke architecture avoiding the usual point-to-point implementation pattern for data exchange. With the technology of a model bus BPM-X seamlessly connects all vendor specific tools. It allows a wide reuse of existing information, harmonization of concepts and gradual tool upgrades within the existing tool landscape. The continuous evolution process cuts licensing and educational costs, creates shared environments and permits replacing tedious, expensive and too complex modeling tools with alternative more efficient solutions.

Open Model Repository

Large organizations are really challenged with data governance and the need to deal with information silos. Specialized enterprise management applications from different domains do not make life easier when it comes down to leveraging data from all these sources. Usually, the control and exchange of data fails by misinterpretation and weak implementations of interchange specification standards. So basically every organization has to reinvent the wheel cobbling together point-to-point interfaces in order to allow sharing data and concepts.
And in addition, the struggle of organizations is complicated by the fact that application vendors implement specific subsets or enhancements of descriptive standards. The data representation is typically described by specific frameworks, meta-models and modeling languages. Specifications may not be precise enough to avoid misinterpretations and vendors have for sure a “horse in the race” with the design of their own applications. The BPM-X Universal Translation tool builds a foundation layer to seamlessly exchange model data between different tools, formats and standards.
The BPM-X Open Repository facilitates the reuse of work products and supports governance processes without requiring content management systems to support a syndication standard. This approach implements a “universal” federation repository that stores all different data sources in a single-point-of-truth, a so-called information warehouse. In addition to the data storage, the Open Repository manages the taxonomies and ontologies of the stored information. A web service layer on top of the Open Repository allows controlled sharing of relevant information with data providers and consumers. For example the BPM-X Designer tool for modeling with Visio, and SharePoint® to publish business processes or 3rd party tools is a popular way to profit from this truly open approach.
The delivered ROI of a linked Enterprise Management tool landscape can be summarized by:

  • Improved communication using the same key information, concepts and languages avoids misunderstanding, re-keying, redundant data and eliminates well known negative impacts.
  • Re-using models from different tools in EA, BPM and SOA projects which protect investments in existing assets.
  • Keeping existing tools rather than replacing them with new tools reduces software investments and training efforts, and preserves the productivity of experienced users.
  • Smooth migration of tools rather than radical changes and hard breaks facilitate improvements across the landscape and avoids costly risks.
  • Using efficient best-of-bread tools with optimized usability for business users reduces license costs and minimizes training efforts.

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