Sustainable documentation of SAP solutions

BPM-X is a standard modeling and business process analysis software based on Microsoft Visio®. By using integration technology from TransWare AG, an SAP ® Services Partner, the solution seamlessly integrates with the SAP® process repository managed by the SAP® Solution Manager.


Microsoft Visio® linked with SAP Solution Manager

Align business processes with configuration of ERP

BPM-Xchange® focuses on the continuous use of Visio®, the preferred process mapping tool for professional blueprinting and solution documentation of ERP solutions of organizations, system-integrators and consultants.

The BPM-Xchange® solution for blueprinting and solution documentation facilitates the use of BPM methodology in ERP projects and supports the realization of long term ALM concepts to manage complex ERP landscapes with SAP® Solution Manager.

Benefits of a professional ERP documentation

BPM-X combines Business Process Management (BPM) methodology and analysis (BPA) with the ease of use of Visio® 2010 together with SAP® strategies for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

Strategic advantages

  • Avoid the inefficient implementation of business requirements with the typical “bottom-up” approach from IT for more transparency
  • Reduce high dependencies from process owners and IT individuals
  • Improve communication between levels of project teams, bridging the gap of different business and IT languages
  • Fulfill vendor Service Level Agreement (SLA) to document core business processes
  • Support your ALM initiative with a sustainable ERP solution documentation

Economic benefits

  • Gain early commitments from business-stakeholders for the change accompanying the ERP implementation and reduce the number of late and costly change-requests
  • Increase the value from your ERP solution aligning best-practices with requirements
  • Use the most cost efficient product suite for professional blueprinting and documentation

The story about traditional ERP implementation

Before explaining the value proposition and benefits using BPM-X products for professional SAP® blueprinting, it is essential to understand the present situation for ERP implementations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This kind of application can be generally classified:

  • ERP is comprehensive and complex software for financial, logistics and HR to support management-, core- and enterprise support-processes
  • It supports business processes by preconfigured, standard software with maintenance and updates
  • For practical use it’s customized for organizational needs

Traditional ERP implementation process

  • Business requirements are mostly described by prose text using Word and Visio® diagrams not linked together
  • Different individuals control the process in parallel of gathering requirements and executing customizations
  • Knowledge about relevant customizing remains „in the head of the system integrator“
  • Insufficient documentation of customizing and development
  • Lack of understanding between business owners and IT

Shortcomings of today’s implementation

  • Inefficient realization of business requirements – typical „bottom-up“ approach from IT folks
  • High dependency from individuals representing “knowledge silos”
  • Missing comprehensibility of configuration and ERP customizing
  • Insufficient justification of requirements and related time and costs
  • Struggle in communication because of different languages leads to late and costly change-requests
  • Missing methodology for documentation increases TCO in the application lifecycle.

Value proposition

  • BPM-X extends Visio® for leveraging SAP® reference models and best-practices for professional blueprinting
  • Extended Visio® bi-directionally synchronizes business blueprint with the SAP® Solution Manager process repository to avoid media breaks and failures of redundancy
  • Documentation of the enterprise business architecture with management, core and end-to-end processes as well as support processes and their mapping to the ERP processes, process steps, transactions and reports for more transparency
  • Support of all kinds of SAP products like Business Suite 7, ERP 6.0, ECC, CRM, PLM, SCM and others as well as SAP industry solutions (verticals) like SAP IS/U, Banking and Automotive
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use web based reporting of the blueprint process models, organizational dependencies and RICEF data for analysis and project controlling
  • Model-based testing facilitates the captured knowledge from process models for integration and non-regression testing with SAP Test Workbench or HP ALM / HP Quality Center or other test suites lowering risks and costs.


HP ALM/QC end-to-end testing

You will learn how to

  • improve effectiveness of communication between business and IT team members
  • spread business process models to a wider audience to improve transparency of the ERP implementation get early commitment from stakeholders
  • to reduce late and costly change-request
  • explore ERP capabilities to gain insights from solutions and reduce customizing
  • align with SAP® Solution Manager project and application lifecycle management



"The BPM-Xchange® solution aligns perfectly with project initiatives for Greenfield projects, A&M driven integration projects, system landscape optimization and harmonization, upgrade projects and ERP re-documentation.”


SAP® Solution Manager blueprint


Web-based publishing of models


Blueprint documentation


Test scripts and Excel® sheets


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