Running model conversion in the Cloud

BPM-X® Converter Cloud Edition (CCE) is the latest product from TransWare to run model conversion in a Cloud environment. CCE is the successor of the Windows based product family of BPM-X® tools and will replace those products in 2020. CCE has the capability to convert model data between more than 30 tools and data formats. In addition, CCE has the build-in capability for model-based testing, e.g. to use process models from Visio and load generated test cases into HP ALM or the MS TFS test environment.

CCE can be used on our public cloud with strictly separated tenants or as hosted private cloud. Both cloud types support distinct users and roles. The private cloud environment permits to use your own OpenID Connect authentication infrastructure. Authorizations are managed in the CCE application itself.

This is how CCE is working with an end-user perspective...

After login you first create a conversion task by providing the BPM-X configuration tailored for your individual conversion scenario, a task name, and a task description:


Figure 1: First step of task creation

CCE is evaluating the uploaded configuration and asks for the conversion action, here it is "ARIS to Visio". Typically, some additional settings are required, in particular a source file, then click "Run":


Figure 2: Finish the task creation by clicking "Run"

After a while the conversion has finished and your result is finally available for download:


Figure 3: Download your conversion result from the task list

That’s it, converting your models in the cloud cannot be easier!

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