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ProVision is a EA and BPA modeling tool from the US with a long history: developed by Proforma Inc. it was 2007 acquired by Metastorm Inc. and 2010 acquired by OpenText®. As there are many new standards and tools in the market like BPMN, Microsoft Visio® or Software AG ARIS®. In this post we show the comparison between Opentext ProVision notebooks and Microsoft Visio as deliverables of the conversion.

Back into the year 2013 we already described  in our blog post ProVision(ing) of more flexibility how to migrate from ProVision to other modeling tools such as Visio or ARIS. This is not limited to Visio and ARIS, it may be Sparx Enterprise Architect, IBM Blueworks Life or many others of the crowd. The conversion is possible as a 1:1 mapping of diagrams and visual apperance or sometimes meaningfull to map a specific ProVision modeler type such as Workflow to the standard of BPMN.

The following pictures are presenting a subset of converted diagrams. 

Table compares some ProVision source diagrams (left column) with the generated deliverable of Microsoft Visio diagrams (right column):

ProVision Organization Structural

Visio Organization Structural

 ProVision Workflow  Visio Workflow
ProVision Activity Metrics Visio Activity Metrics
ProVision BusinessObjective   Goals Visio BusinessObjective   Goals
ProVision Functional Events Visio Functional Events
ProVision Geographical Structure Vsio Geographical Structure

The routing of connectors is a kind of setting in Visio and user depended. All modeler types can be converted to corresponding Visio so called stencils, a collection of shapes. In addtion to the diagramm graphics the ProVision meta data in attributes and properties is converted to Visio.

Send us an inquiry if you like to learn more in details about translation of ProVision models to other tools format.



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